IBM’s New Virtual Desktop Offering Available in Australia

Mobility solution built from the ground up for small to medium businesses

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Sydney, Australia - 28 Apr 2011: IBM (NYSE: IBM ) today announced the local availability of the Virtual Desktop for Smart Business, a new workforce mobility solution offering anytime, anywhere, access to corporate data from mobile devices, such as tablets or laptops on the move.

To date, more than 30 IBM Business Partners have received training and sales enablement resources to quickly start providing Australian clients with the hardware and software solution bundles.

The  IBM Virtual Desktop allows Windows or Linux desktops to be hosted and managed centrally, thus lowering the cost and complexity of managing PC environments through rapid deployment of new applications, automatic software updates and reduced need for help desk requests. The Virtual Desktop for Smart Business, which includes VERDE software from Virtual Bridges, can be deployed on a customer's own infrastructure or through a Business Partner "private cloud" hosted environment.

"We are pleased that IBM's latest mobility offering, the IBM Virtual Desktop is now available to the Australian market,” said Nicholas Day, Executive, Solutions for Smart Business, IBM Australia and New Zealand  “This product has been built with the needs of small to medium businesses in mind, and will help the workforce to remain productive wherever they are. Together with our channel partners, we're bringing the power of virtual computing to smaller companies seeking greater agility while freeing up critical IT resources.”

The IBM Virtual Desktop has self-configuring, self-managing and self-protecting features that enable easy installation and management, and continuous backup and recovery. Whether visiting clients, checking inventory or making patient rounds at a hospital, the solution provides instant access to information, helping employees solve problems and speed decision-making.

“With IBM's Virtual Desktop offering, there is only one console, one system and one implementation to make managing desktops much simpler,” said Brian Pereira, Chief Executive, Computer Networks. “IBM continues to address the needs of smaller companies with powerful solutions that are easy to install and are easy to manage.”

IBM Virtual Desktop will be delivered through IBM Business Partners, who will provide local consulting, networking and software infrastructure skills to ensure smooth installation.

"Many of our midsize clients have limited IT staff and find managing a traditional PC environment very challenging," said Peter Sanderson, Managing Director, Team Computing Australia. "IBM Virtual Desktop is an immediate, powerful and more secure solution that reduces complexity and cost."

IBM Business Partners can take advantage of Virtual Desktop training and sales enablement resources at to get started providing solution bundles with System x server and storage configurations.

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