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The Sydney University of Technology selects IBM Business Intelligence.

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Sydney, Australia - 21 Sep 2009: IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced that the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) has selected IBM Cognos 8.3 as its new student management reporting tool to deliver information faster to students and improve productivity

UTS is transforming the way they use information, allowing the University to gain valuable insight about what is happening across their organisation to help drive smarter decisions.

UTS Student Administration is responsible for managing information for around 33,000 students via the Student Management portal - from student applications and enrolments through to curriculum documents, examination results and alumni data. To support this flow of data, UTS Student Centre staff process an average of 15 student inquiries per minute.

The Student Management portal application (also known as Ci) introduces .NET technology and workflow management allowing for better student self management and staff to student interactions, overall giving staff more time to focus on business improvement.

The new business intelligence tool leverages the Student Management source system for reporting, in turn providing greater flexibility of report format and prompting, audit capability to better understand usage, as well as integration with the Student Management portal application.

“Making IBM Cognos the common reporting platform across the University offers savings in licence costs, savings in software administration and maintenance, and capitalises on the existing IBM Cognos skills within the University. It also offers the future potential for a consolidated portal for all strategic University information,” said Miranda Brookes, Student Systems Implementation Project Manager, University of Technology, Sydney.

The ability to generate customised reports and automate standard processes, makes it possible for UTS staff to conduct in-depth analysis versus manual report production, helping the University stay on top of critical daily operations.

This technology will also power the University's management portal which provides performance, benchmarks and other information to UTS decision makers. 

The new reporting solution includes web services for greater flexibility in the delivery of reports to staff and improved auditing capabilities through recording of information such as who is using the system, which reports and queries are being run, and the cost of queries to system resources.  The University will also be using barcoding functionality to generate individual barcodes for each invoice prepared through the student management system.

Although originally driven by the need for customised reports, the decision to maintain reporting and student management applications also supports UTS' risk mitigation strategy by safeguarding reports from any application bugs or crashes.

A major factor in the selection of IBM Cognos was UTS' extensive and successful experience with Cognos over several years.  At the same time, IBM Cognos Software Group Services demonstrated a successful prototype of converting reports using IBM Cognos 8.3.

“Using the IBM Cognos Services team in a quality assurance role has been a major help to the project.  They've been here in our offices every week giving fast responses to any queries or issues and helping us to understand best practices,” Brookes added.

Deployment of IBM Cognos 8.3 is now under way with the conversion of approximately 170 customised reports. The project is being managed by UTS with support from IBM implementation partner, UXC Performance Management and IBM Cognos Guardian Services. After the system goes live end-September 2009 UTS staff will begin development of dashboards and drill-down capabilities for more comprehensive analysis.

Over the past twenty years the University of Technology has developed a strong reputation for innovative technologies and solutions, industry collaboration and research.

For more information about the University of Technology, Sydney, visit www.uts.edu.au

For more information on IBM, please visit www.ibm.com

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