The University of Sydney Earns Top Honours in Storage Virtualization with IBM Technology

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Sydney, Australia - 01 Sep 2009: IBM (NYSE:IBM) today announced that The University of Sydney, a leading Australian university and research institution, has implemented a virtualized information infrastructure that is enabling them to simplify storage management; increase flexibility and storage utilization; and reduce overall storage costs.

Supporting over 49,000 students and staff, The University of Sydney is ranked among the top 40 universities in the world with an international reputation for outstanding teaching and research excellence. Faced with rapidly expanding data storage requirements, increasing IT infrastructure complexity and the need for faster and greater availability of data, the University's Information and Communications Technology department (ICT) initiated a major project to consolidate the disparate IT Infrastructures which existed across the various faculties into a virtualized information infrastructure environment.

"The data centre move was a once-in-a-generation change for the University," said Bruce Meikle, CIO. "Incorporating virtualization in our storage infrastructure is a significant step towards establishing a true shared services model. If a faculty requires more storage, we are able to efficiently and dynamically provision this storage. IBM's storage virtualization solution gives us the flexibility in managing our growth and providing higher levels of services at a reduced cost.”

Through a competitive tender, IBM Premier Business Partner, Artis Group, and other vendors were requested by the University to develop a solution that addressed a number of pressure points including the need to provision storage quickly and efficiently, the ability to scale rapidly, integrate with existing storage environments and deliver a tiered storage capability. Artis worked with IBM to develop a cost-effective solution that met the University’s criteria on all points with IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller (SVC) as the keystone of the storage virtualization environment.

“Artis worked closely with the University over a period of months to understand their unique business requirements,” said Peter Giudes, Managing Director, Artis Group. “The effort went along way towards ensuring a very smooth implementation."

IBM's SVC was integral to the University's data centre move which included the relocation of more than 200 physical servers; 451 virtual servers; and over 30,000 components as well as 660 systems such as student administration, financial, HR and accounting. By using IBM Metro Mirror for data replication, the systems were relocated with only minor outage for the physical move itself.

IBM’s SVC allows multiple storage subsystems, from different vendors, to be managed as a single pool of resources, supporting higher utilisation of the University's assets and more effective use of the administrator's time. The deployment of SVC across disparate storage environments means that it can be managed as a single storage mass. SVC maximizes the use of every TB of storage and enables it to be provisioned expediently to the University’s faculties and business units irrespective of location, infrastructure or operating system.

In addition to IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller, the University also implemented an IBM System Storage DS8300 as a major component of their tiered storage infrastructure to maintain the flexibility of assigning the most cost effective storage systems based on user requirements. There is currently 300TB of storage under the SVC solution at Sydney University.

“IBM is dedicated to helping its clients improve their information infrastructure through powerful virtualization technology,” said Anna Wells, Executive, Systems & Storage Group, IBM Australia. “The technology plays a key role in helping our clients build a new more dynamic infrastructure that helps to address the most essential imperatives to reduce costs, improve service and manage risks.”


About The University of Sydney

The University of Sydney, founded in 1850, has an international reputation for outstanding teaching and research excellence. The University attracts top-level academics and students from around the world to research and study across the broadest range of disciplines. Its award-winning researchers are leaders in addressing issues that impact everyone in areas such as public health and environmental sustainability. The University contributes to Australia’s artistic life through its museums and cultural institutions and produces some of Australia’s top sportspeople.

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About Artis Group

Artis Group is a 100% Australian-owned IT product and services firm that delivers high quality IT services and robust IBM infrastructure solutions.

Founded in 2005 by a proven team of IT professionals, Artis has gained a reputation for no-nonsense delivery of enterprise-grade solutions to complex business problems.

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