IBM A/NZ Launches Smarter Planet Vision

Sydney, 11 March 2009: New research commissioned by IBM and conducted by Access Economics has shown policy reform coupled with the adoption of ICT provides the greatest scope to improve the productivity of Australia’s economy. Complementing these findings, IBM today also announced its Smarter Planet vision to prepare Australia’s economy for the 21st century, calling for a transformation of the infrastructure and systems underpinning our national economy. To demonstrate the type of progress already underway in Australia, Country Energy and the University of Melbourne outlined details of new projects in the energy and water sector to make our country smarter and more efficient. 

Key Points:

IBM’s Smarter Planet vision:
IBM argues that it is now possible and affordable to introduce intelligence into the systems we interact with everyday such as supply-chains, healthcare networks, cities and even rivers. These systems will be:

Country Energy discusses its plans to put the digital age to work for its network customers – the next phase of its Intelligent Network transformation supported by IBM:


“IBM's vision for a smarter planet is to bring a new level of intelligence to how the world works – how every person, business, organisation, government, natural and man-made system interacts. Each interaction represents a chance to do something better, more efficiently, and more productively. But more than that, as the systems of the planet become smarter, we have a chance to open up meaningful new possibilities for Australia’s progress.” – Glen Boreham, Managing Director, IBM Australia & New Zealand

“Country Energy’s focus is on developing solutions that are specific to Australian conditions and electricity networks. We’re preparing to put the digital age to work for our customers – through the adoption of intelligent network technology we’ll be able to better manage the grid infrastructure, improve customer service and the ability to source and deliver renewable power more efficiently.”  – Ben Hamilton, General Manager, Corporate, Information and Technology Strategy, Country Energy

 “As Art de Geus, Deputy Security-General of the OECD recently said, ‘a crisis is a terrible thing to waste.’ This report clearly shows that while Australia’s productivity growth in recent years has declined, the government should consider how policy incentives are encouraging business to adopt new ICT advances to help Australia respond positively to the current economic challenges it now faces.” - Ric Simes, Director, Access Economics

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