IBM Downloads CIO Change Agenda at Upload Virtual Conference

IBM Australia today announced the CIO Implications from its global CEO Study at IBM Australia’s first ever virtual customer conference. IBM spoke to 1,130 CEOs across geographies and industries and has identified the new CIO Agenda: driving transformation as ‘change leaders’ within the organisation.

Key Points

  • Today’s Upload conference is the first IBM virtual conference ever held in Australia and New Zealand bringing together leading speakers from all over the world
  • IBM’s global CIO Mark Hennessy will outline the new CIO Agenda and explain how CIOs can play a central role in driving and enabling the CEO change agenda throughout the organisation
  • As catalysts for change, CIOs must transform their IT applications, services and infrastructures into nimble, automated environments which can support the dynamic Enterprise of the Future
  • Some of the approaches and technologies CIOs can embrace in this agenda include; well-managed enterprise architectures driven by best practices like ITIL, service-oriented architectures (SOAs) that speed application development, and virtualisation and consolidation to make IT more flexible and less costly
  • IBM’s first virtual conference, Upload, will deliver strategic advice from IBM and its business partners, including gold sponsors Nortel and VMware, about how key technologies can help to implement the CIO change agenda
  • It is anticipated that Upload will allow IBM customers and business partners in remote locations to participate in an IBM event for the first time. Delegates can submit questions to speakers, or network around exhibitor booths and in conferences lounge, in real time
  • All webcasts will also remain online and ‘live’ after the event.
  • IBM’s conference ‘carbon calculator’ will enable delegates to calculate how many emissions they have saved by attending the event virtually – IBM will publish the total number of emissions saved when the conference ends


This event is a sign of things to come. Holding a virtual conference is just one of the hundreds of ways IBM is changing how we work in response to the new pressures facing all of our businesses.”

Glen Boreham, CEO, IBM Australia

“CIOs need to enable the CEO change agenda. CIOs are in a unique position to look across the organisation and set the strategy for global integration – to support collaboration with new customers and to deploy disruptive business models.”

Mark Hennessy, CIO, IBM

“IBM’s UPLOAD event is a credible and timely demonstration of how technology can be put to use to bring people together without compromising the benefit they normally expect from similar conferences in the ‘physical’ world. Nortel believes the advantages here are many – reduced commuting time, rich content delivery over multiple networked devices, and instant networking and collaboration opportunities for delegates and speakers.”

Darren Leffler, product marketing, contact centres, Nortel Australia.

“IBM’s Upload Virtual Summit 2008 is an innovative, world-leading approach to bring new information, learnings and networking opportunities to the IT community. VMware is proud to partner with IBM to make everything virtually possible.”

Paul Harapin, VP, VMware Australia/New Zealand

"Virtual meetings and conferences will certainly be a feature of the future given the fact that the cost of physical movement will increase."

- Richard Watson from Future Exploration Network


·        Glen Boreham introducing Upload (1 minute)

·         Mark Hennessy outlining CIO Implications from the CEO Study (1 minute)


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Mark Hennessy outlining CIO Implications from the CEO Study.

Glen Boreham Introducing Upload.