News Briefs

News Briefs

IBM announces commitment to advance Spark

IBM plans to embed Spark into its Analytics and Commerce platforms and to offer Spark as a service on IBM Cloud. IBM will also put more than 3,500 IBM researchers and developers to work on Spark-related projects at more than a dozen labs worldwide; donate its breakthrough IBM SystemML machine learning technology to the Spark open source ecosystem; and educate more than one million data scientists and data engineers on Spark.

Benco Dental extracts key insights from Watson Analytics

Benco Dental, a dental supply distributor, is using Watson Analytics to determine the effectiveness of specific promotional programs and when possible, prove or disprove traditional marketing tactics.

Coffee house taps Watson Analytics for customer insights

Honest Caf, an “unmanned” coffee house in London, is using Watson Analytics to unearth client insights to help determine everything from coffee products and pricing, to marketing and promotions.

IBM, Citizens Bank sign IT operations agreement

IBM has signed a five-year IT services agreement with Citizens Bank to transition its back-end technology infrastructure to a managed services environment.

OpenPOWER cloud boosts innovation

SuperVessel is a first-of-its-kind initiative that enables business partners, application developers and university students to conduct innovation, development and learning for the growing OpenPOWER ecosystem.

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