News Briefs

News Briefs

Workday, IBM Form Strategic Partnership on the IBM Cloud

As part of a multi-year strategic partnership, IBM Cloud will become the foundation for Workday’s development and testing environment providing Workday with greater efficiency, flexibility, and global scale.

IBM Research celebrates Almaden’s 30th anniversary

The Almaden facility is the birthplace of the world’s first hard-disk drive, the relational database, DVD and Blu-ray encryption technology and brain-inspired supercomputing chips.

Scanner data to speed foodborne illness investigation

IBM researchers demonstrated that with as few as 10 medical-examination reports of foodborne illness they can narrow down the investigation to 12 suspected food products in just a few hours.

21 hospitals across China to adopt Watson for Oncology

The announcement is part of a multi-year partnership, Watson Health’s first in China, through which Hangzhou CognitiveCare will introduce Watson for Oncology to hospitals across China.

IBM, Vodafone India launch new IBM Hybrid Cloud platform

IBM will support Vodafone India’s IT environment transition into IBM hybrid cloud, allowing the company to leverage and integrate existing IT resources and data assets with private cloud environments.

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