IBM Innovation Space

The IBM Innovation Space is an incubator run by IBM Canada Ltd. to develop startups and accelerate growth through mentorships, exposure to clients, business development and a collaborative workspace. Here at IBM, startups are able to engage with high-level executives, investors, mentors, and each other to further innovate and solve problems that really matter.

IBM Bluemix

Accelerate Innovation

IBM Bluemix is a cloud-based developer platform powered by the world’s most popular open source projects. With developer-centric compute models, instant access to over 150 services – including ones that facilitate modern architecture and delivery practices around mobile, microservices, DevOps and continuous delivery – Bluemix makes it easier to ship powerful, high-quality software every day.

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Softlayer an IBM Company

Cloud built to perform

Cloud is not a commodity. And no matter what you call it, computing doesn’t come out of the sky. It comes from physical hardware inside brick and mortar facilities connected by hundreds of miles of networking cable. And no two clouds are built the same way. SoftLayer gives you the highest performing cloud infrastructure available. One platform that takes data centers around the world that are full of the widest range of cloud computing options, and then integrates and automates everything.


A new era of Cognitive APIs

Watson is the platform for cognitive business. The world witnessed a preview of cognitive computing in 2011 when Watson won the famous TV show using just one API (application programming interface). Today, Watson has 28, powered by 50 different technologies. Watson is working side by side with humans, using its APIs to understand, reason and continuously learn.

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What you get

  • Access to expert mentors and developers ready to assist with you technical and business needs
  • Through our Global Entreprenuer Program, receive up to $120K in IBM credits to use our Bluemix, Softlayer and Watson software products
  • Weekly events and programming with our partners and IBM executives to teach you everything from selling your product and recruiting the right people to integrating our technology in the most effective manner
  • Streamlined direct access to the world's largest clients through IBM's networks to help your business scale quickly and efficiently
  • Work rent-free from our Downtown Toronto location in the heart of the Fashion District
  • Assistance with funding through our partners and local VCs. IBM does not take any equity from the startups we parter with

IBM Global Entrepreneur Program (GEP)


To be eligible to participate, a startup:

  • Must have been founded within the 5 years immediately preceding the application
  • Must be incorporated in Canada
  • Must have less than US $1M in revenues during the last 12 months
  • Must not have been a paying customer for IBM Cloud services prior to application

Program Benefits

  • Up to US $120K in IBM credits towards Bluemix, Softlayer and Watson services
  • Go-to-Market Support - Attend networking events, global startup competitions, and gain access to premiere offers to assist with your business needs.
  • Technical Support - Consult in-person or virtually with technical experts who will guide you through migrating to IBM Cloud technology to propel your business.
  • Business Mentorships & Services - Attend local events, meet expert mentors, corporate executives and other entrepreneurs to help you with your startup journey.