Transform your business: Turn big data into real-time insights

Organizations now turn to sophisticated analytics to gain extraordinary value from big data delivered by digital processes, sensors, and devices – using that data to make more informed business decisions.

But investing in these technologies often requires new funding sources. It is likely that you’ll need new technology to support your transformational initiatives as your company’s demand for data-driven insights grows.

Through customized financing solutions, you can:

  • Accelerate time to value by deploying new analytics technologies now
  • Consolidate funding from one source to invest in technologies you need for tomorrow while conserving cash today
  • Gain financial flexibility through predictable monthly payments based on your specific needs

IBM Global Financing can help

Consult with IT financing specialists who can show you how to reduce budget barriers, accelerate deployment, and better align project costs to goals. We offer a wide range of funding options that can help you leverage the benefits of big data and analytics to gain a competitive advantage.

Grow your business with IBM Analytics, improve your ROI with analytics financing

Cabot Partners Group white paper: Why Finance IT Solutions for Data Analytics (PDF, 1,127KB)

IT Solution Value Predictor

Quantify the expected value from your analytics solutions using a model tailored for your industry and business objectives. Get a personalized report to assess how IBM and financing can help you accelerate and amplify value from your analytics investments.

Turn to IBM Global Financing for the expertise you need to take full advantage of these opportunities, minimize upfront capital expenses, and gain more financial flexibility

As a strategic IT financing resource, we can help you build cost-effective financing for your analytics vision. We offer:

  • Loans
    • Predictable scheduled payments to match targeted deployment milestones
    • Conserves cash with access to an alternative source of funds
    • An affordable way to acquire the technology you need now
  • IBM Project Financing™
    • One dedicated funding source to avoid project delays for large-scale projects
    • Integrated financing for IBM Global Services engagements and IBM and non-IBM hardware and software
    • Covers your complete portfolio of IBM solutions and services
  • Fair market value leases
    • Lowers total cost of ownership for expert integrated systems, mobile devices, and server and storage solutions
    • More flexibility to add capacity as your needs change
    • Shifts obsolescence and disposal risk to IBM Global Financing

IBM analytics solutions are now creating transformational change across businesses and entire industries. Entire teams are now empowered to use innovative analytics to extract more meaningful value from data and discover fresh insights that create a competitive advantage.

See how we can help you fund your vision