Payment options

Today only 21% of IT staff time is devoted to innovation and new projects.

Budgets are under pressure. You need to create a strategy to manage — or even shrink — necessary expenses while you innovate. Payment solutions is a fast and effective way to meet your business and technology objectives without losing sight of your long-term financial goals.

IBM Global Financing provides the purchasing power to create the competitive advantage and financial stability you need to save, re-invest and innovate. We offer a range of customisable payment plans, with simple contracts, rapid approvals and flexible payment structures.

We serve a wide range of clients, from small businesses to the majority of the Fortune Global 100 companies. Of course, the best payment strategy is one tailored to your organisation’s goals, which is why we’ve developed our full suite of customisable Payment solutions.

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We offer customisable leases and loans that you can combine with other programs, offers and non-IBM equipment to craft the solution that best fits your business strategy.

Flexible leases and loans

Over 30 years, we’ve built a diverse suite of payment solutions services that allows us to provide loans tailored to your specific needs. The foundation of our offerings has remained the same: leases and loans (starting at 5,000 USD) coupled with a full suite of additional services that meet you along every step of your IT life cycle.


We offer two basic types of leases:

Fair market value lease
A fair market value lease is the most predictable and lowest risk way to build out your IT infrastructure. You pay a fixed rate over a fixed time frame.

When your IT equipment requires upgrading, on select IBM products, you can also upgrade mid-lease, often with little to no change in your payments, while minimising IT obsolescence.

When your contract is over, you return the equipment to us.

A full payout lease
At the end of a full payout lease term, you retain ownership of the assets. After leasing the asset for a fixed price, we hand ownership over to you.

A full payout lease is best suited for assets that are stable, longer-term investments and aligned with your business strategy.


Loans help you acquire the technology you need by providing you with access to alternative sources of funds, enabling you to maximise your purchasing power with competitive rates and flexible terms.

We provide loans for hardware, software and services. The benefits include reducing upfront cost outlays, matching your payments to deployment milestones and helping you conserve cash.

Premium payment options

Our premium payment options give you several packaged choices that can be used alone or in combination with each other. From single-source payment options to using equity from your current server to fund an upgrade, our payment options provide you with balanced and cost-effective payment structures.


IBM Z® mainframe

Design a fully customized IT financing and asset management strategy with IBM Global Financing.

Obtain savings up to 12% over purchase with a Fair Market Value Lease.1

IBM Project Financing™
A dedicated single-source payment option

IBM Project Financing provides you with single-source payment options tailored to your project’s lifecycle. By providing a dedicated funding source, IBM Project Financing helps allay the risk of delayed projects and reduces contract scope, while speeding project approval and implementation.

Get the advantages of leasing with IT equipment you’ve already purchased

If you need an immediate cash infusion and you own your IT equipment, consider a sale-leaseback: we will buy your current IBM IT assets and lease them back to you at competitive rates.

Special promotions

We have finance offerings across our portfolio including software, hardware and services. We also offer Asset Recovery Services - includes buy-back options plus secure and compliant disposal, and IBM Certified Pre-owned kit when new is not an option.


0% interest offers

As low as 0% over 12 months is provided by means of loans, instalment payment plan or full payout lease wherever applicable for IBM Power Systems, IBM System Storage and IBM Software solutions on quarterly payment in advance terms for deals up to USD 1 million.

  • For IBM Software Solutions payments, new license revenue must represent at least 50% of the amount financed.
  • Applicable for up to USD 1 million deals with Power, Storage and/or Software combined or individually.
  • Rates and offerings are subjected to change, extension or withdrawal without notice, and are based on a client’s credit rating, payment terms, offering type, equipment type and options. Subjected to application of IBM standard terms and conditions and IBM Credit approval. Other restrictions may apply.


0% interest on IBM software for 12 months
Take advantage of 12 interest-free months on software licenses, subscriptions and first-year support

For IBM Software Solutions payments, new license revenue must represent at least 50% of the amount financed.

Payment deferral offers

Power Systems payment deferral offer
Defer your payments for 90 days at no charge

If you are paying between 5,000 and 500,000 USD, you are eligible for our no-charge 90-day payment deferral on new IBM Power hardware machines.

You can get the IBM hardware you need at today’s rates without having to make a payment until the end of your deferral period.

Additional offers

Pre-approved for Pre-owned
You are pre-approved for up to $250,000!!

It’s easier than ever to acquire IBM Certified Pre-owned servers and storage. Get pre-approved financing up to a total transaction size of $250,000 USD, with a maximum of 20% IBM Software, no credit review needed!

All IBM Certified Pre-owned equipment is:

  • Fully tested to the latest IBM technology standards
  • Comes with a 90 day money back guarantee
  • Qualifies for IBM maintenance
  • Uses only genuine IBM replacement parts

We can work with you to customize and/or pre-configure the equipment to help accelerate implementation. Our Fast Ship programme can deliver equipment within 24 hours, pre-loaded with software, tested and configured to your specifications. Contact us at: 866-IBM-1123 to get started today. See more information on IBM Certified Pre-owned Equipment.


IBM Certified Pre-owned Equipment bundled with maintenance1
In partnership with Global Technology Services, we offer bundled maintenance support on select Certified Pre-owned assets. Get a pre-owned server with one year of service refurbished to like-new functionality, and pair it with 24-hour maintenance coverage at no additional charge during the service period.

To minimise the cost, IBM Global Financing has refurbished these machines with new or like-new IBM parts. Get a single financial package and a single price, and simplify your financial and technology management.

Eligible products:
- Pre-owned System z: z9 BC (2096) and z9 EC (2094)
- Pre-owned Power Systems: 9117-570, 9119-590, 9119-595

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