How to ensure a successful end of lease transaction
Handled correctly, managing the end of your PC lease can be fast, easy, and inexpensive. Over the years, IBM Global Financing has worked with numerous customers returning hundreds of thousands of PCs, and we've used our experience to develop the information in this guide. In it, we'll take you through the options and process.

Following these steps will help make the entire process as simple as possible, and will ensure that you keep any associated costs to a minimum.


Step 1: Inform us of your end of lease decision
A key element in your PC return process should be communication with IBM Global Financing. Should you choose to return your PCs to us, always let us know the date that you expect the PCs to actually be returned - this will greatly simplify invoice administration.

Step 2: Establish a deinstallation process
Three key elements of a successful deinstallation plan include:

Step 3: Properly identify the assets
To ensure we are able to accurately identify the assets you are returning, please refer to the section of this guide entitled Packing the Equipment for guidance on the proper labelling of each box containing an asset. In the event of a mid-lease swap due to a faulty machine please contact your end of lease specialist directly to notify us of the original machine type/serial number on lease and the machine type/serial number that replaced it.

Step 4: Establish shipping protocols
Establishing standards to collect and properly pack the PCs can lower your shipping costs and minimise the risk of damage to the equipment. Many of the PCs we receive are in single boxes - this may not be the most efficient and cost-effective way for your organisation to ship large numbers of PCs. Palletising shipments of 120 or more units can significantly reduce your costs and, if done properly, will not increase the risk of damage.

Making your end of lease decision

At end of lease, you must notify us of your decision by returning or faxing the hard copy of the End of Lease Offering Letter (should you receive your EOL letter softcopy you may reply by e-mail). Your IBM Global Financing contact details will be contained in this letter.

Should you choose to return your PCs you will be sent a Returns Confirmation Letter which will include all the information you need to return the PCs to us.

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