Welcome to IBM End of Lease Centre, a web based application that provides our IBM Global Financing leasing customers with a self service end of lease notification and decisions communication process.

As a registered IBM user of IBM End of Lease Centre, you will have full access to all the tasks/features the site offers.

Support users should sign in as a Registered IBM user.

As a guest user, you will have the ability to sign in to the IBM End of Lease Centre to make your end of lease decisions only. You will not have access to any additional tasks/features the site offers.

Refer to the Benefits of Registering for a full list of available functions.

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Benefits of Registering to IBM End of Lease Centre

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Task or Feature Guest User Registered IBM User

Sign in to the IBM End of Lease Centre profile


Ability to update your IBM End of Lease Centre profile


View your submitted decisions


Save your decisions in draft status


Submit partial decisions


Change your draft & submitted decisions


Download your data to a .csv file


Search for equipment for easy grouping


Update multiple decisions at one time


View multiple contracts at one time regardless of the month