Financing IBM Systems

As innovative new technologies such as, cloud, analytics, and mobile technologies grow more essential to meeting core business needs, the IT decisions you make matter more than ever before.

Integrating servers, storage systems, and software into a more efficient and resilient IT infrastructure creates opportunities to accelerate growth, respond quickly to new demands, and reduce your financial risk and lower costs.

Get the infrastructure you need. Handle new solutions at a lower cost.

As the demand for new capabilities to support your business, and the volume of data you collect continues to accelerate, workload complexity rapidly multiplies. That can put a strain on your IT infrastructure that now must be able to scale seamlessly.

New solutions can help you create and manage an IT infrastructure that integrates intelligent and secure servers, smart storage solutions, and systems optimized for analytics in a way that helps you:

  • Streamline processes to meet business demand and budget requirements as the need grows for new IT investments.
  • Easily migrate as needed so you can act quickly and cost-effectively when changing, adding, or upgrading solutions.
  • Enhance integration so that your IT infrastructure work together more seamlessly to deliver more performance and value.

As requirements for new infrastructure solutions continue to grow, how do you best finance new systems and upgrades – especially when future needs may be unpredictable and you need to make quick decisions?

IBM Global Financing can help

IBM Global Financing offers a complete set of payment plans and leasing options to help you acquire and add advanced technologies as needed – offering predictable payment structures that conserve cash, reduce financial risk and help stretch your budget.

Discover how IBM Global Financing offers the flexibility you need to optimize both your IT infrastructure and your asset management strategies.

Rely on one dedicated IT infrastructure financing resource to meet all your system needs

Through IBM Global Financing, you can count on one resource to help you meet all of your IT technology and system needs.


Financing IBM Power Systems™

Designed for the waitless world, IBM Power Systems offer servers built with open technologies and designed for mission-critical applications. IBM Global Financing payment plans and leases can help you build your infrastructure with servers designed for big data, with superior cloud economics and a growing, open ecosystem.


Financing IBM Storage

In a business environment that’s constantly changing, your storage infrastructure decisions matter more than ever.

Big data analytics, mobile and social applications are creating more data than ever imagined. IBM Global Financing can help you get the optimized data storage you need to provide the insight you need to empower your business.

Our payment financing options offer flexible terms and conditions and can be customized to fit your specific needs now and in the future.

Through highly competitive rates and flexible financing, we can help you lower your cost of ownership and more effectively manage your IT lifecycle. Contact us to learn more.


Financing IBM z Systems mainframes™

IBM z Systems can help you compete in the Cognitive era. Gain faster customer insights, business insights and systems insights with decisions based on real-time analysis of current data delivered on an analytics platform designed for availability, optimized for flexibility, and engineered with the highest levels of security.

IBM Global Financing offer customized financing and payment plans to help you get there faster and better.


Financing for IBM LinuxONE solutions

IBM LinuxONE™ is a Linux and open source superhero made for the app economy. Combining the best of enterprise Linux and open source, LinuxONE is the most efficient, powerful, secure Linux platform.

IBM LinuxONE Elastic Pricing model offers no up-front payments and costs that can scale up or down based on usage. IBM Global Financing provides a base financing package to support the solution.

Contact us to learn more.

IBM Global Financing can help

IBM Global Financing can help you acquire IT Infrastructure, including Power Systems, IBM Storage, z Systems mainframes – including software, hardware, consulting, and services – through strategies that:

  • Add financial flexibility to meet rapidly changing business requirements
  • Preserve cash flow and credit lines to meet other strategic needs
  • Align costs with expected benefits through customized financing
  • Reduce obsolescence risk through flexible upgrade financing
  • Accelerate cash flow break-even points for your projects

One financing resource to meet all of your business transformation goals.

Our wide range of financing options include:

Fair market value leases – pay for the use of the equipment during the lease term

  • Lowers total cost of ownership for your IBM IT Infrastructure investment
  • Shifts obsolescence and disposal risk to IBM Global Financing
  • Allows upgrades and growth during the lease with little change in monthly payment
  • Several options after the lease for increased flexibility

Full Payout leases – payment plan for equipment

  • Lower upfront cost to conserve cash and credit lines
  • Predictable scheduled payments during the lease
  • IBM Global Financing owns the asset during the lease term. Ownership is transferred to the customer at end of lease

Loans – payment plan for software and services

  • Predictable scheduled payments to match targeted deployment milestones
  • Lower upfront costs to conserve cash and credit lines
  • Affordable solutions to acquire the technology you need now

IBM Project Financing™

  • One dedicated funding source to avoid project delays for large-scale projects
  • Integrated financing for IBM Global Services engagements and IBM and non-IBM hardware and software
  • Financing for your complete portfolio of IBM solutions and services

IBM Buyback and recovery services

  • Sell your existing equipment at market value
  • Data destruction services
  • Assure safe and proper disposal in compliance with local regulations
  • Reverse logistics services for safe and secure transportation

Optimize your IT infrastructure and improve asset management strategies.

IBM z Systems enterprise solutions offer unmatched reliability, security and efficiency to support strategies to engage in today's digital and mobile economy.

Discover how IBM Global Financing offers the flexibility you need to optimize both your IT infrastructure and your asset management strategies. Contact us to learn more.

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