Financing Sustainable IT Solutions

New technologies continue to improve our world, but can create environmental issues as older devices need to be replaced or remanufactured.

The challenge? Reduce waste and recover maximum value, but Minimise the impact to our environment.

At IBM, we’ve been committed to sustainable business practices for more than 45 years – offering solutions to succeed in today’s ecologically efficient economy.

Let us help you apply best practices for asset recovery and disposal so you can take advantage of new technologies, better manage your IT lifecycle, and engage in more sustainable business practices.

Embracing sustainability on a smarter planet

Succeeding in today’s globally integrated economy requires making the most of your IT investments, acquiring new technologies as opportunities emerge.

But more executives face mandates to both Maximise IT infrastructure performance and Minimise environmental impact – requiring financial and logistical solutions to help:

  • Transition to new technologies cost effectively and with minimal waste
  • Leverage existing equipment to help fund new IT investments
  • Safely dispose of old equipment, recycling as much as possible to meet strict regulations
  • More effectively manage the IT lifecycle to maintain an affordable infrastructure that’s both environmentally sustainable and drives business growth

IBM Global Asset Recovery Services can help

Sustainability calls for making the best use of new technologies, but also considering environmental consequences both locally and worldwide.

Through a suite of comprehensive asset management and logistics solutions, IBM Global Asset Recovery Services can help you optimize asset reuse, eliminate waste, Minimise costs, and more effectively manage your IT lifecycle.

A recognized leader in sustainable IT management practices

For the second straight year Gartner has recognized IBM as a leader in worldwide asset disposition. Thanks to our innovative processes, more than 99 percent of all IT equipment and product waste returned to IBM is either reused, remanufactured, or recycled.

In 20141 IBM Global Asset Recovery Services:

  • processed approximately 905,600 units through our remanufacturing & refurbishment processes, of which 88.3 % were prepared for reuse & resale.
  • Of the approximately 36 million pounds of the product scrap and waste processed at the demanufacturing and scrap centers, over 97 % of the product scrap & waste (by weight) was resold, reused or disposed for material recycling and less than one percent of the product scrap / waste (only 0.51 % by weight) was disposed by incineration and landfill.

In fact, just the laptops we’ve processed in only one year all stacked together would create a tower more than four miles high, nearly 80% the height of Mt Everest.

Global Asset Recovery Services helps you engage in the most effective sustainable IT management practices through solutions that include:

  • Asset Buyback for older marketable IBM and select non-IBM equipment. Our vast network in the secondary market helps you realize the maximum residual cash value of your retired assets.
  • Fixed price asset recovery allows you to sell late model equipment at a set negotiated price. You receive quick payment with no responsibility for managing logistical issues.
  • Trusted disposal solutions to safely discard equipment in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. With experience processing almost 68 million pounds of IT equipment, IBM offers a proven track record for peace of mind.
  • IBM Certified Pre-Owned Equipment offers access to quality IBM-refurbished equipment. We offer servers, storage, network equipment, and more – all thoroughly tested and guaranteed.
  • Asset testing to assure the equipment you discard has been verified to meet specifications, enhancing its market value. All customer identifiers and asset tags are removed as part of this testing.
  • 3X Disk Overwrite Services provides a reliable and cost-effective solution to overwrite your disk drives before they re-enter the market so your data is virtually irretrievable.

IBM Global Asset Recovery Services is the world’s largest and most efficient reverse logistics organization. Operating in 40 countries, we help companies of all sizes acquire, maintain, and transition technologies while minimizing cost and environmental impact.

Since 20021, IBM Global Asset Recovery Services has:

  • processed over 1.09 billion pounds of machines, parts and material
  • harvested and sold over 44.4 million parts
  • processed and sold more than 3,893 rebuilt mainframes