Frequently Asked Questions

End of lease



Who has risk of loss during shipping?

You are responsible for the condition of our equipment until it arrives at our designated return location. If you have signed a lease contract that includes casualty coverage, please check if any casualty events are covered.


Do I have to erase the hard drive?

Before returning any Equipment to IBM Global Financing, it is your responsibility to remove all information and data. You may be eligible for 3X disk overwrite services that IBM Global Financing offers through our Asset Recovery Solutions. For more information about Asset Recovery Solutions, contact


Do I have to erase operating system software preloaded on the system?

The operating system can be erased as well. Please remember to return the operating system CD recovery disks, manuals and license certificates.


Do I have to remove all passwords prior to returning equipment?

It is important to note that administrative/supervisor or hardware password protection affects the functionality of the equipment being returned. Therefore, you are required to remove all password protection before returning the item of equipment. Failure to do so will result in your liability for any replacement or service cost incurred.


My equipment was replaced with a new one as part of a warranty repair. Will this affect my end of lease return?

If your equipment is replaced with a new serial number you must let us know at the time of the repair. This will let us update our records and avoid any confusion at end of lease. If you did not inform us of the serial number change at the time of the equipment replacement, please inform us before shipping back the equipment.


What is the best way to return PCs?

Please refer to our PC Returns Guide for instructions.


How do I protect the equipment being returned with the freight company?

It is your decision whether or not to obtain insurance coverage with the freight company; however, if the equipment being returned is damaged during shipment, you are liable to IBM Global Financing for any resulting damages.


How do I further reduce the potential for damage billing charges?

Make sure the equipment is in good condition and working order, all features are included with it, and it is packaged and transported in the proper way.


The U/L Label of my equipment is missing. Will I be billed for the missing U/L Label?

Yes. Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (U/L) is the trusted source across the globe for product compliance. U/L tests electrical components and equipment for potential hazards. When something is U/L-listed, that means that the U/L has tested the device, and it meets their requirements for safety – i.e.: fire or shock hazard. Equipment without a U/L label has no commercial value.