Social Business Application Development Workshop


The Social Business Toolkit (SBT) SDK is a set of extensible tools and resources for developers who want to incorporate social capabilities into their applications and business processes. Social capabilities include features and functionality that tap into the power of social interactions, business networks, community-based problem solving, and more.

This two day workshop will demonstrate how to use the capabilities of the SBT SDK to integrate social data (from IBM Connections) into existing applications.  In this workshop, you will learn how to install, configure, and begin using the SBT SDK.  The development exercises in this workshop will cover topics such as the SBT SDK JavaScript and Java APIs, how to use the SBT SDK Playground to view and save sample code, and how to build and deploy a SBT SDK J2EE application on WebSphere Application Server.  You will also learn how to integrate into the IBM Connections Activity Stream and develop iWidgets..

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