Key Areas of Competency:

  • Understand enterprise business and IT drivers that influence the overall IT Security Architecture
  • Understand centralized Security Intelligence solution
  • QRADAR functionality
  • IT Governance and security compliance


  • Basic understanding of the security fundamentals 
  • Basic understanding of the IT infrastructure and IT security fundamentals
  • Basic understanding of Linux, Windows, TCP/IP networking and Syslog


Basic understanding of:

  • IT Security fundamentals
  • QRADAR functionality
  • IT Governance and compliance

Skills Roadmap

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  IT Security Overview

  • Current technology trends and what the IT security landscape is
  • Define a comprehensive security solution portfolio to address the holistic IT security requirements in an organization
  • Understand how an organization can use a centralized security intelligence solution to improve their overall security maturity by integrating capabilities from all security domains

  Security Intelligence fundamentals

Designing a high level security intelligence solution

  • Understand the high level steps needed to design and implement a security intelligence solution
  • Outline the detailed activities needed to design and implement a security intelligence solution
  • Functional architecture and foundational principles
  • External threat intelligence feeds

  Security Intelligence Solution SIEM

  • High-level description of the purpose and Capabilities of the Security Intelligence Solution SIEM
  • Security Intelligence Solution SIEM data collection and vulnerability assessment
  • Navigating and customizing dashboards
  • Offense event grouping and analysis

Investigate offenses

  • Asset profiles
  • Flows, superflows and false positives

Rules and building Blocks

  • Rule creation and configuration for events
  • Parameters

Security Intelligence Solution SIEM reports

  • Creating reports using the dashboard
  • Generate a report using a predefined template and create a report template
  • Report analysis

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