Key Areas of Competency:

  • Planning and implementing cloud ready applications
  • Enhancing cloud applications using managed services
  • Managing applications using continuous delivery toolchains and other IBM Cloud services


  • Working knowledge of Dojo and JavaScript development 
  • Experience in at least one or more programming languages, for example, Java, Node.js, C#, Python, Ruby, or Go
  • Understanding of basic web protocols such as HTTP, SSL/TLS 
  • Be able to consume information in a database by using SQL in databases such as MySQL, DB2, Oracle, or SQL Server 


Basic understanding of:

  • Mobile application development
  • JQuery
  • Dojo
  • Ajax and JavaScript
  • IBM Mobile First
  • Apache Cordova

Skills Roadmap

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Explain mobile overview, and its past, present and future trends
Understand mobile computing in the corporate world and different industries
Explain the challenges of mobile development including hardware, performance and security
Learn how mobile web applications address this important growing market and identify different approaches to building mobile applications

  Mobile Development

Understand different approaches to mobile application development
Explain mobile solution offerings
Understand application features and capabilities specific to mobile platforms
Mobile Development Lifecycle

  • Requirements, UX/UI Design,
  • User Flow, Prototype, Wireframe, Design Specs
  • User Stories, Agile Development, Testing & Methods, Measurement & Optimization
  • Platform Integration

  Aspects of Mobile Development

Identify the client and server components of the Ajax web application architecture
Understand Native & Cross Platform Frameworks
Understand HTML and JavaScript
HTML5 & JavaScript Development

  • Understand the role of JavaScript frameworks in Mobile Web Applications
  • Understand HTML5, what it does, the document types supported, browser support etc.
  • Explain JavaScript, its functions, and the variables used
  • Explain the most widely used JavaScript frameworks
  • Understand Ajax and JavaScript frameworks

  Cross Platform Frameworks

  • Explain developing mobile web applications with Dojo
  • Understand developing mobile web application with jQuery mobile
  • Explain mobile development architectures and understand the development framework


  • Understand how to test and use the interface

  API Development

Understand the client-side APIs that support storing data locally on a device in an encrypted cache or a JSON data store
Understand the Apache Cordova framework and the APIs that support them

  Mobile Enterprise: Use IBM MobileFirst server-side APIs for back-end integration

App and Mobile Security
Secure a mobile application using authentication techniques
Managing Enterprise App Store
Manage device updates and app versions

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