Key Areas of Competency:

  • Planning and implementing cloud ready applications
  • Enhancing cloud applications using managed services
  • Managing applications using continuous delivery toolchains and other IBM Cloud services


  • Working knowledge of IBM Cloud , Cloud Foundry and Docker
  • Experience in at least one or more programming languages, for example, Java, Node.js, C#, Python, Ruby, or Go
  • Understanding of basic web protocols such as HTTP, SSL/TLS
  • Basic understanding of common data structures such as arrays and lists
  • Be able to consume information in a database by using SQL in databases such as MySQL, DB2, Oracle, or SQL Server
  • Understanding of JSON and REST APIs using cURL or Postman 
  • Experience using Linux shell commands and hypervisors, such as VMWare, KVM, or Xen 
  • Understanding of source code control concepts in Git-compatible services
  • Understanding of basic Node.js applications that will be used to illustrate concepts in IBM Cloud


Basic understanding of:

  • Cloud computing models
  • IBM Cloud PaaS
  • Cloud Foundry
  • Application scaling
  • Load testing
  • Cognitive APIs
  • Object storage
  • IBM Cloud DevOps Services
  • DevOps delivery pipeline
  • IBM Cloud data services: NoSQL, SQL

Skills Roadmap

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Security Overview, Trends, Case Studies

  Cloud Application Foundations

Understanding Cloud Computing technologies

Introduction to HTML5 and JavaScript programming

Cloud Foundry and IBM Cloud architecture

Deploy applications in cloud and apply IBM Cloud services

  IBM Cloud Enterprise

Cloud computing and integration concepts

  • Describing a cloud application

Migrating Applications to the Cloud (IBM Cloud)

  • Externalize internal data center applications onto public Cloud
  • Create new systems of engagements to communicate with existing systems of records
  • Migrate Java applications using cloud migration tools (Weblogic, JBoss, Jython scripts)

Cloud Foundry runtime and buildpacks

Enterprise Docker Offerings

  • Creating secure Docker containers
  • Docker container best practices
  • Using enterprise Docker registry
  • Docker container security
  • IBM Docker Container Offerings

Enterprise security

  • Secure gateway concepts, implementation, and clients
  • Security protocol standards
    • Transport Layer Security (TLS)

Cloud Network integration services

  • Secure gateway
  • VPN
  • API

Cloud Native and Microservices

  • Agile Development methodology
  • Cloud DevOps Enablement

Cloud applications security requirements

  • Enterprise Application Integration
    • APIs
    • Data Integration, and DataWorks

Cloud Enterprise Developer: Explorer Award

Cloud Enterprise Developer: Mastery Award

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Key software and other resources

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Other tools and system requirements

Other tools and system requirements

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