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Hack-A-Hair Dryer!

Hack-A-Hair Dryer!

#HackAHairDryer. An experiment in reengineering what matters in science.

Girls don't like science? Women can’t code? Only men wear lab coats? It's hair-raising misperceptions like these that keep bright minds out of research labs, scrum teams and engineering tracks—leaving untold innovations on the shelf. It's time to blast away the barriers that women confront on a daily basis. Help us make a statement that it's not what people think of you that matters, it's how you think!

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Hack-A-Hair Dryer:
Dismantling stigmas in tech

Go inside the minds of three distinguished women in tech as they discuss their hair dryer redesigns and why transforming the world through innovations is an equal opportunity endeavor.

Gallery of hair dryer hacks

Gallery highlights

Portable Breeze

Name: Kathryn McElroy
Known for: Designing Watson interfaces
Favorite tool: Soldering iron
Geeks out on: Inventing new wearable technologies.

Toy Tractor

Name: Kimberly Greene Starks
Known for: Tough weather seeds
Geeks out on: Vintage radios
Stigma worth blasting: Certain toys aren't for girls.

Travel Steamer

Name: Nancy Zhang
Known for: Polymer chemistry
Geeks out on: Soft solid matter
Stigma worth blasting: Women are emotional reactors.

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Santa's Turbo Train

Name: Marja Huhtala
Expertise: Solving client problems.
Geeks out on: Middleware

Tangle Free Cords

Name: Shubhi Asthana
Expertise: Software engineer
Advice: Find people who will inspire you to grow in your career.

Bubble Machine

Name: Marzia Mura
Expertise: Team leadership
Stigma worth blasting: Tech is not a job for women.

Ghost Blaster

Name: Kristin McNeil
Expertise: Cognitive Analytics Engineer
Advice: Your ideas are valuable. Voice them.

Spray Letters

Name: Kavya Mantha
Advice: Believe in yourself
Stigma worth blasting: Women have less analytical skills when compared to men.

Eyeglass adjuster

Name: Tatiana Chin
Advice: Work hard, ask for help, and make yourself visible.
Stigma worth blasting: Women in tech are not supposed to be here.

IBM Logo Art

Name: Michelle Cave
Career: HR Manager
Stigma worth blasting: Women can't produce results as good as men.

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