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  • Installs by automatically downloading from Web site
  • Allows users to customize size and color of Web content
  • Reads text aloud with adjustable speed and volume control
  • Assigns sound effects to events such as download completion

Web access for more users

IBM Easy Web Browsing is a solution that helps novice users, seniors and people with limited vision or eye fatigue to access Web site information. It allows users to enlarge text and characters and change background color, which can help improve Web page readability for people with low vision.

Using IBM text-to-speech technology, Easy Web Browsing can also read text aloud with adjustable speed and volume control. Users point the mouse to select a sentence and the system reads it. Sound effects can be assigned to events such as download completion to help people with low vision more easily exchange online information.

Additional language components can be downloaded when users navigate to a page displayed in a new language. Easy Web Browsing supports several languages such as English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Korean, Japanese and Chinese.

Customize Web pages

Easy Web Browsing displays a control panel with buttons that are arranged for convenient use. It has a full screen mode that keeps the same, fixed layout of operation buttons and content windows at all times—making these commands easier to locate and use.

Easy installation

Easy Web Browsing can work with existing Web content—there is no need for an organization to redesign its Web site. It is installed as a usability tool on an organization's Website and is started by users who visit the site. Users simply click the Web page link to download, and the necessary program components are set up automatically. Once users have finished downloading these components, they can start using Easy Web Browsing immediately.

Easy Web Browsing will automatically check for updates whenever the user revisits the organization's Web site. If the user's version is older than the version being run on the site, Easy Web Browsing will automatically download the new version to keep that user up-to-date.

The easy-to-use technology is ideal for government agencies and businesses that want to improve Web access for citizens or customers—it enables people who have low vision to access their Web sites without having to purchase and install additional assistive technology themselves.

Server Requirements
Components Configurations
Memory Store download files of approximately 10MB for basic language support, an additional 5MB for each additional language support
Hard disk drive At least 100MB of free disk space
Server Software Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Server, Linux® or equivalent
Web server IBM HTTP Server, Apache or equivalent

End User Requirements
Components Configurations
Processor 500MHz processor
Memory 128MB
Hard disk drive 500MB
Graphics XGA (1024x768 pixel) 65,536 colors or more
Operating system Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP®, or Windows Vista®
Internet Broadband connection of 512Kbps or higher
Internet browser Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 5.5 or higher
Sound 16 bits or more, compatible with the required OS above

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