SOI technology

Fin-on-oxide—Exploiting a third dimension to take performance and power efficiency to new levels 

Fin-on-oxide technology marks the next step in the IBM silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology roadmap. Resulting from IBM’s sustained, significant investments in R&D, the technology is designed to raise the bar on performance, power efficiency and integration potential in next-generation, system-on-chip (SoC) semiconductor solutions.

IBM fin-on-oxide technology showing fin detailA natural extension of IBM’s planar SOI technology, fin-on-oxide technology takes advantage of nine technology generations of IBM experience in delivering SOI-based chips for networking, storage and other power/performance-optimized applications.

IBM fin-on-oxide technology showing fin detail

Built on a fully depleted SOI technology base, IBM’s newest entry exploits 3D, finFET architecture while retaining all the advantages of SOI over bulk-based planar technologies. These advantages include:

Compared to bulk-isolated finFETs, IBM fin-on-oxide technology offers additional pluses, including:

Fin-on-oxide technology builds on IBM leadership in bringing SOI technology into volume manufacturing, its decade-long experience as the top ASIC supplier for wired communications and an industry-recognized R&D pipeline. Optimized for performance, power efficiency, scalability and high integration—and leveraging an advanced technology node that still manages to keep the number of manufacturing process steps to a minimum—IBM’s fin-on-oxide technology is designed to enable new generations of communications equipment, cloud hardware…and more.

    IBM fin-on-oxide technology showing fin detail

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