IBM adds back-end PDK support for Agilent Technologies’ Advanced Design System Software

IBM today announced the availability of a full front-to-back process design kit (PDK) for its popular SiGe BiCMOS 8HP technology. The PDK was developed for use with Agilent Technologies’ Advanced Design System (ADS) 2011 EDA software and enables both IBM and Agilent customers to take full advantage of the industry’s most comprehensive RF and microwave design platform.

The Agilent ADS front-to-back kit is available for IBM’s 130 nm SiGe BiCMOS (SiGe 8HP) technology. SiGe 8HP is IBM’s high performance SiGe BiCMOS technology optimized and tuned for silicon-based millimeter-wave applications.  The technology includes high performance SiGe bipolar devices integrated with true 130 nm CMOS, high quality passives (resistors, MIM capacitors and inductors), thick metals, and highly accurate device models.

“Our customers require dedicated RF design flow support to handle the design challenges of today's sophisticated RF and microwave designs,” said David Harame, IBM Fellow, Microelectronics Division. “Our SiGe BiCMOS 8HP technology continues its leadership as a premiere RF/microwave silicon technology offering by bringing our customers the advantage of Agilent's proven expertise in RF and microwave design capability.”

“We are very pleased with this next milestone in our collaboration with IBM,” said Juergen Hartung, foundry program manager of Agilent EEsof EDA. “Beyond the existing and proven front-end PDKs for RF CMOS, RF SOI and SiGe BiCMOS IBM technologies, our customers can now use this kit to enjoy full back-end support that includes schematic-driven layout creation, layout-versus-schematic check and integrated 3D planar electromagnetic and 3D-FEM simulators. These capabilities are just some of the reasons why the majority of MMIC designers choose ADS to increase performance, consistency and yield.”

The new PDK enables users of IBM's SiGe BiCMOS 8HP technology to leverage the benefits of the ADS platform to not only reduce design cycle time but achieve better confidence in the non-linear behavior of today's most complex high frequency RF designs, which are enabling the mobile internet.


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