Custom logic

ASIC design systems for a connected world.

They are the challenges that companies in the semiconductor industry hear from customers every day: give me higher performance, better power efficiency, more integration. And get it right the first time, on time.

The answer doesn’t rest in simply implementing the next generation of semiconductor technology. Increasingly, overcoming these kinds of challenges means exploiting advances resulting from sustained, multi-faceted R&D. Taking advantage of innovative application-optimized silicon, intellectual property (IP) and packaging solutions. And leveraging proven expertise to overcome the complexities associated with designing in advanced technology nodes.

Ranked the number one ASIC (custom logic) suppler for wired communications for more than a decade, IBM has helped bring some of the world’s most sophisticated semiconductor solutions to life, from client chips that are fueling transformation in the communications network to IBM custom logic used in top systems and supercomputers. Clients can benefit from IBM’s comprehensive custom logic portfolio, R&D advances, decades of design and technology experience and the end-to-end integration of design tools, methodology and device manufacturing — an industry-unique blend of innovation and insight.

IBM custom logic offerings feature both silicon-on-insulator (SOI) and CMOS design platforms geared for a range of networking, storage and performance-driven applications.

Intellectual property

The IBM custom logic portfolio features leading-edge embedded memories and high-speed SERDES (HSS) cores, all designed to deliver differentiated functionality, performance, reliability and density. To help maximize design flexibility in developing chips for next-gen communications hardware, IBM embedded processor solutions include microprocessors and peripherals licensed from both ARM and Synopsys, along with cores based on IBM Power technology.

Packaging innovation

By enabling you to take advantage of the latest advances, the IBM packaging portfolio can help you develop differentiated solutions while providing personalized, expert support to help you meet even the toughest application goals.

Packaging innovations you can exploit at 32 nm and beyond include:

  • High performance substrate build-up materials that can enable 60% longer 28G HSS nets compared to other technologies
  • System-in-package configurations that include heterogeneous integration of IBM custom logic and specialty foundry technologies and/or custom off-the-shelf components
  • 2.5D and 3D die stacking architecture that enables mixing and matching of logic, memory and technology nodes while delivering more functional density, lower power and higher performance (semi-custom offering, available on a limited basis)
  • Low-cost, coreless offerings (qualification planned for mid 2014)

Design methodology

The IBM design methodology—featuring statistical timing and backed by expert support—can help simplify the integration of differentiating design elements in even the most complex designs. The design methodology supports both IBM and leading industry-standard design tools, and is designed to help you achieve first-pass design success. IBM’s holistic, system-level design approach features concurrent silicon and package design to help you get the most out of your design, beyond silicon and IP alone.

Custom Logic Roadmap. SOI. Cu-45. Cu-32. Bulk. Cu-08. Cu-65. Technology Node. 90 nm. 65 nm. 45nm. 32 nm.

IBM custom logic roadmap

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