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Smaller. Faster. More power-efficient, with more features and function. And let’s not forget affordable. These challenges could be critical differentiators across a range of applications, but are particularly significant factors when choosing the right semiconductor technology for a smartphone, tablet or GPS. Or even something a little bigger, like a notebook computer or video game console.

IBM’s portfolio of specialty foundry offerings includes RF SOI, RF CMOS and SiGe technologies that are uniquely optimized to help keep mobile devices connected, whether the connection is Wi-Fi or cellular. With features and enhancements that include derivative devices, high-resistivity substrates, high quality passives, thick metals and through-silicon vias, these technologies offer a range of advantages, including the ability to integrate functions, help keep pace with new standards and handle switching between 4G LTE, 3G and more across the globe. Equally important, because IBM specialty foundry offerings are built on a proven CMOS base, they can provide an affordable alternative to inherently more-expensive technologies like gallium arsenide, while still delivering the required performance.

IBM technologies for mobile devices

IBM technologies for mobile devices

For powerful graphics, action, simulation and advanced processing capabilities in home-entertainment applications, IBM offers customized microprocessor solutions. A range of IBM microprocessor solutions—from IBM silicon-on-insulator custom processors, built on Power Architecture technology, to optimized microprocessors available through a collaborative IBM ecosystem—is designed to help you deliver a high-performance entertainment experience.

Added flexibility in developing semiconductor solutions for consumer products is available through the Common Platform technology alliance and comprehensive EDA and intellectual property ecosystems. This network of industry leaders and IBM Business Partners offers manufacturing choice and flexibility and delivers a broad array of design-enablement resources, intellectual property resources and low-power technologies—all tuned to support IBM semiconductor technologies.

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