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Mobility and the Internet of things have ushered in major changes. Both are driving growth and opportunities. And both require tomorrow-ready semiconductor technology to keep up with growing complexity, evolving standards and mounting customer expectations.

IBM specialty foundry offerings are designed to stay ahead of demands for more integrated and more power-efficient semiconductor chips that deliver exceptional performance without breaking the bank. IBM’s specialty foundry technologies are already helping clients develop highly differentiated semiconductor solutions for mobile devices, the mobile network infrastructure and the myriad of connected devices. With solutions spanning a broad range of silicon-based process technology nodes, the IBM specialty foundry portfolio includes:

IBM specialty foundry technology offerings are complemented by:

IBM has the know-how and manufacturing scale to successfully—and consistently—deliver application-optimized foundry technologies. The kinds of expertise, technologies and capabilities that are designed to help you move from concept to design to production faster than ever. And that offer real differentiation.

Prototyping and low volume production

The IBM Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) program is designed to help small, innovative organizations design and prototype high-performance chips at a lower cost. MPWs help keep the cost of fabricating prototype and low-volume quantities low by aggregating multiple designs onto a single wafer, which enables multiple customers to share production overhead costs.

Regularly scheduled MPWs using IBM’s technologies are available through MOSIS, an IBM Business Partner. View the latest MPW schedule (link resides outside of ibm.com).

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