How it is possible that the server known as "mainframe" developed over 50 years ago is still so vitally important in today's cloud-based, mobile, connected, Internet of Things world?

While some believe that smaller distributed servers provide the agility needed in today’s fast-moving cognitive era, the IBM mainframe is the preferred solution for many of the world’s most competitive businesses, including:

  • 92 of the top 100 banks worldwide
  • 70%+ of the world's largest retailers
  • 23 of the world’s 25 largest airlines

What's the value of the connected mainframe to digital transformation?

Proven by customers

What makes the IBM mainframe server unique?

Our customers can do more, run more, know more, more securely — and with better TCO.

100% uptime –
all the time

Faster transactions
and workloads

The fastest real-time

The world's best

68% lower TCO
than public cloud

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