How secure is your enterprise?

For every detected security breach there are 100 that go undetected.*

Cyber security crime on commercial enterprises is exploding. Annual losses for US corporations alone from cyber crime and IP theft is estimated to be $338 billion.* Despite spending an estimated $1 trillion to combat this threat, the costs and liabilities associated with insecure IT systems can no longer be ignored.

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This ground breaking research report will help governments and enterprises of all sizes understand the differences in risk and cost associated with today's market leading server platforms and virtualization technology, and provide a basis for factoring in the cost of security for IT platform decisions. Based on real world production data from over 62,200 customer sites, "Tracked, Hacked and Attacked" adopts a holistic approach to discover the cost and security vulnerability risk of x86, Unix, and System z platform technologies.

  • The number of security breaches and incursions that have occured within the IBM System z stack are significantly fewer than the other options, by as much as 98.4%.
  • Most incursions are not initially discovered. In fact, the overall number of incursions is significantly higher than first thought and the full impact of these events is often not known for a considerable amount of time, especially when the effects of IP theft become evident.
  • The average cost of an incursion is projected to more than triple in the next year. When an organization is conditioned to tolerate repeated “manageable” losses, it leaves its information and operations in a vulnerable state, ripe for major damage.

The report findings cover the difference between platforms for:

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Infrastructure matters. Businesses turn to the IBM mainframe for unmatched security, operational efficiency, speed, seamless scale, and lower cost per transaction. The IBM z System, the world’s premier data and transaction engine, is enabled for mobile, integrates transactions and analytics, and delivers efficient and trusted clouds.

The community speaks

What is at stake is not just our government secrets but also the safety and security of our infrastructure, the intellectual property that underpins our future prosperity and the commercially sensitive information that is the life-blood of our companies and corporations.

- Sir Jonathan Evans, Director General of the Security Service, United Kingdom

We have had significant out of service periods this year already. The only server that has not had these issues is the System z box. After over a million Euros in losses in the first quarter alone, we have really changed our focus for new deployment - now all of our commercial apps have to be evaluated for the more secure platform first.

- Business Unit VP, Large Retail Corporation

When we added up the security issues that we had for 2012, it was pretty apparent what the most secure platform was. The System z was the best, followed by System p, then the Linux platforms and finally the x86 boxes. The cost to the organization has been immense with these security issues. It totally beggars the imagination - the cost of security breaches, the additional staff and the lost business could have bought us 25 of the biggest mainframes that IBM has.

- CTO, Large Manufacturing & Distribution Corporation