IBM strongly recommends that users of the z/VSE Operating System validate the currency of security and System Integrity service and take action to promptly install all security and integrity PTFs.  As a best practice, IBM strongly recommends that clients obtain the latest service information, including  any security and System Integrity APARs for z/VSE from the Service and Support site.

In addition to available PTFs, IBM includes any pertinent Security and/or Integrity APAR fixes in the next Preventative Service Planning (PSP) bucket or Recommended Service Level (RSL) after the fix is available.  The PSP bucket for z/VSE contains all HIPER PTFs along with other recommended service for a specific set of products or components on a given z/VSE refresh level.  The RSL offering provides a list of all APAR/PTF numbers available at specific cutoff dates and fills the gap between regular z/VSE Refresh levels and the more urgent service provided by the PSP bucket.

It is strongly recommended that clients validate the currency of their z/VSE security and System Integrity service levels and routinely check the z/VSE Service and Support site to receive the latest information on IBM z Systems security and System Integrity service. The timely installation of service, including security and System Integrity service, can help minimize potential risks and maintain overall system security and availability.