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How fast are your data analytics?

Organizations increasingly rely on real-time data analysis to remain competitive. Through colocation of transactional data and operational analytics, z Systems deliver a flexible, secure solution for generating instantaneous business insights without moving the data. Can you infuse insights into every decision and action?

Can you infuse insights into every decision and action?

Predict behavior

IBM provides us with tools that align with smarter commerce, enabling us to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.

- Mr. Pavel Batista,

Chief Information Officer, Petrol d.d.

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Transforming operational systems to decision management systems

It's time to meet your customers

Uncover insights

Apache Spark is to mainframe data what Java was to mainframe applications—the equalizer . . . making mainframe data available to data scientists for analysis.

– Paul DiMarzio,

IBM z Systems Analytics Portfolio Manager

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Why z Systems for memory-intensive applications

Data, analytics and fuel for the insight economy

Accelerate analysis

Queries that used to take five hours to complete are now processed in just 20 seconds in the optimized mainframe environment.

– Thomas Baumann, IT Performance Architect,

Swiss Mobiliar

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Frank Fillmore shares the importance of delivering right-time insight:

Swiss Re helps rebuild lives and create more resilient cities

Apply Analytics to IT

Utilities, similar to other industries, are finding that the ability to analyze and act upon tremendous volumes of information is essential for future operational effectiveness and efficiency.

– Gary Hayes, Division Vice President
and Chief Information Officer,

CenterPoint Energy

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Barclays Bank uses IT operations analytics for 60% faster problem resolution

Use IBM zAware to help quickly detect issues

Unearth trends, discover patterns, and
seize opportunities.