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IBM Mainframe: The smart phone’s ultimate accessory for enterprise mobility

In today’s mobile era, there are over 10 billion devices accessing information. Enterprises are challenged with integrating new mobile services with existing organizational processes, without sacrificing the client’s experience. IBM zEnterprise provides you with enterprise mobility solutions which can scale to handle the huge number of often unpredictable transaction rates and volumes, deliver proven mobile end-to-end integration with reliability, availability, and security, and ensure that your customer data is protected.

Keep your mobile data safe

The average organizational cost of a data breach is $7.2 million.

Built-in security

Learn how IBM System z offers new levels of data safety

IBM zEnterprise mobile solutions

New! WebSphere Liberty z/OS Connect 

Simple and secure access to z/OS data and transactions from mobile applications via a single gateway

IBM Worklight

Build, run, test and manage HTML5, hybrid and native mobile applications to extend your business.

IBM CICS Transaction Server v5.2

Enhanced mobile protocol support and flexible application lifecycle management in a cloud environment

IBM Mobile Quality Assurance

Capture tester and live-user experience for building great mobile applications

IBM Continuous Integration for System z

Compresses application delivery cycle from months to weeks or days

Case studies

  • First National Bank

    Drives unprecedented growth and performance in mobile banking with zEnterprise

  • BMW Group

    Facilitates innovative mobile strategies for green and smart driving

  • Sicoob

    Manages 600% growth in mobile, 200% growth in internet, and 60% growth in in-branch transactions; avoiding USD 1.5 million in electricity costs annually

  • UF

    University of Florida

    Helps students stay on track with a mobile app based on IBM CICS Transaction Server on zEnterprise



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Visa enables commerce with mobile payments

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First National Bank provides upward mobility

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Opening the mainframe to mobile devices

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RCBC + IBM zEnterprise: Making Banking Mobile Together

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CICS – Fact you might not know

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Sicoob's adoption of System z for mobile

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Mobile animated video on z/OS tools

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IBM provides world-class IBM mainframe technology to help today's enterprises respond quickly to evolving business conditions and with extreme flexibility. From automation to advanced virtualization technologies and open industry standards, IBM mainframes help deliver competitive advantages for enterprises contributing and succeeding on a smarter planet.

Operating Systems

IBM System z supports multiple operation systems:


IBM's technology, solutions and industry expertise can help you find the competitive edge with a sharper understanding of your customers. Our System z solutions combine the foundation of IBM hardware, software and middleware with flexible financing and packaging options to help your business meet and overcome the challenges of doing business in the on demand world. IBM can help you develop a customer-centric view—and assist you in delivering the right solution and the right products.

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