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Companies are turning to Linux for new mission-critical workloads. With 73% of businesses planning Linux growth, it's not a matter of if, but when. Discover how the IBM Enterprise Linux Server can help you drive efficiency, simplicity, and lower costs in your IT environment, freeing up capital for new opportunities.

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Open up the possibilities of open source.

More and more companies are taking advantage of open source platforms to address their social, mobile, analytics and cloud needs.

As the importance of Linux continues to grow, companies are increasingly turning to the IBM Enterprise Linux Server to consolidate and simplify their IT environments.

Companies that continue using distributed environments will experience:

Sicoob and IBM

Connecting 2.5 million members through mobile.

Sicoob, the largest credit union system in Brazil, had some pretty tough owners to answer to—their customers. So they needed to make sure their IT infrastructure was flexible, secure and scalable enough to provide the 24/7 access and mobile service that their customers demanded.

Their old Intel-based servers took up too much space, too much budget and too much administration. Constantly adding new ones was no longer an option. An IBM Enterprise Linux Server helped them consolidate and virtualize their Linux landscape.

What happened?


Insuring increased agility and lower costs.

Nationwide Insurance was working with 4,500 distributed servers. It was costly and inefficient—especially in an industry where agility is so important.

To better meet customer needs, they consolidated their servers to Linux virtual servers running on IBM® System z®.

The results?


Taking our own advice.

IBM is constantly working to help customers manage exponential data growth. But like many of our clients, we faced rampant application and server sprawl – with over 150 data centers and 15,000 applications running on almost 15,000 servers. But thanks in part to Linux on System z, we were able to make great strides.

See what IBM Enterprise Linux Server can do for you.

Download the IDC white paper and see how consolidating Linux-based workloads onto IBM zEnterprise can help your company reduce IT costs, improve productivity, increase security and more.

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