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Review testimonials from z Systems ISVs to find out why they are excited by the new IBM zEnterprise EC12 (zEC12). Find out how the zEC12 features and enhancements help support their application requirements as well as their customers' business needs!


ACI payment systemsACI Worldwide
IBM and ACI provide solutions and services to protect banks and their customers from increasingly sophisticated fraud attacks and mounting regulatory pressures. Designed to increase scalability and performance, the new IBM zEnterprise EC12 provides an additional option for clients seeking to move to an enterprise wide strategy for financial crime management.

Shesh Gorur, Vice President & Product Line Manager, Payment Fraud Management

Adaptive ComputingAdaptive Computing
With its strong security, scalability, virtualization capabilities and support for open platform technologies, the IBM zEnterprise System provides an excellent platform for clients to deploy the Moab Cloud Suite to address their most demanding data center automation challenges. Moab’s support of the open source xCAT for System Z provides touchless cloud service optimization that enables clients to reduce IaaS delivery time from weeks to minutes while reducing costs by 60-70%, maximizing utilization beyond just virtualization and improving SLA delivery and service performance.

David B. Jackson, Founder and CTO

ASG Software SolutionAllen Systems Group
ASG’s IT Infrastructure Management solutions along with our revolutionary CloudFactory technology are perfectly aligned with IBM’s zEC12 strategy. ASG is maintaining its long-standing support of the z-platform while at the same time providing a strategic commitment to emerging cloud technologies that are optimizing IT infrastructures and service delivery.

Ed Hallock, Sr. Director of Solutions Management for IT Infrastructure & Operations Management

ASTCOAdvanced Software Technologies Company, Ltd.
Superior security and extreme scalability make the zEnterprise EC12 an ideal platform for deployment of applications of any size and load.

A S Tepper, Director


BMCBMC Software
With the zEnterprise EC12 System release, IBM has further strengthened the mainframe, ensuring that this platform will continue to play an essential role in the IT strategy of customers who need the highest levels of security, scalability and IT performance. BMC enthusiastically supports the on-going evolution and growth of the IBM mainframe. The BMC management solutions for mainframe infrastructure, data bases, middleware and workload automation support the zEC12 today and enable customers to maximize their investment in this leading enterprise platform.

Bill Miller, President, Mainframe Service Management, BMC Software


CA TecnologiesCA
“IBM zEnterprise EC12 demonstrates IBM’s ongoing commitment to deliver greater efficiency, world-class security, and flexible service delivery across the enterprise,” said Dayton Semerjian, General Manager, Mainframe, CA Technologies. “We will continue to work together with IBM to deliver on these objectives with innovative next-generation mainframe management solutions that maximize the value of IBM’s hybrid computing platform.”

Dayton Semerjian, General Manager, Mainframe

Callatay and Wouters. Banking solutions.Callatay & Wouters
We are working with many clients to help them progressively transform their core banking solutions. The increased efficiency and industry leading security and availability of the new IBM zEnterprise EC12 running Thaler will reduce the risk of core banking modernization.

Mr Renaud Winand, Head of Software House Callatay & Wouters,
part of Sopra Banking Software.

ColeSoftColesoft Marketing, Inc.
ColeSoft Marketing, Inc. provides z/XDC (Assembler language debugging), c/XDC (IBM C language debugging) and z/XPF (a unique new profiler for z/OS applications programs.) We have been in continuous operation for nearly thirty years, and throughout that time we have been a staunch supporter of IBM’s hardware and software solutions. We would literally not be able to continue doing business without the close relationship we have enjoyed over the decades with IBM. Good work, IBM!

Robert W. Shimizu, Partner

Compuware. The Tecnology Performance CompanyCompuware
"Compuware is proud to continue to deliver mainframe solutions that enable complex, customer-facing mainframe applications to perform at an optimal level ensuring end-user satisfaction. The easy deployment and high capabilities of hybrid customer applications when implemented across the new zEC12 and zBX blades offer new challenges for end-to-end diagnostics and performance analysis. Our premier Application Performance Management solution provides end-to-end transaction analysis wherever the application and data flows on zEnterprise, whether on a zEC12 system or a zBX blade."

Dennis O’Flynn, Director, Mainframe Product Management, Compuware

As customers continue to implement IBM’s newest strategies for smarter computing, Compuware’s solutions for the new zEC12 system will provide quick resolution to ever-changing business problems. Testing our solutions on the new zEC12 system has shown that the zEC12 is another giant step in capacity and performance -- and introduces new features that will accelerate customer applications faster than ever before. Compuware’s productivity tools and performance solutions enhance the strong capabilities of the new zEC12 system, enabling our customers to maximize developer productivity, minimize costs and deliver better service.

Dennis O’Flynn, Director, Mainframe Product Management, Compuware


“The two biggest and most disruptive trends in IT today are Big Data and Cloud. Big Data is driving day-to-day IT operations and business decisions, while new models of computing, like Hybrid Cloud, are enabling the efficient delivery of IT resources. The combination of EMC’s powerful, trusted and smart Portfolio of mainframe solutions with IBM’s zEnterprise EC12 mainframe solution will deliver the performance and efficiency needed to transform IT in mainframe environments. This is yet another example of EMC’s long standing—and continued commitment—to innovate and invest in mainframe environments.”

Bruce Klenk, Mainframe Product Manager, Enterprise Storage Division, EMC


“FIS is very excited about the new features available through the next generation System zEnterprise EC12 that further enhance its security. These features help us advance our goal of enabling our clients be more secure in their environments. The cryptographic features are a big benefit to ensure protection for applications requiring data encryption.”

John Amatangelo, Group Executive, Systematics


GFS SoftwareGFS Software
“GFS is a leading developer of tape management software for the IBM z/OS environment. We offer a variety of high quality software for mainframe, ensuring stability, security, and compliance. Our foremost mission is to provide the most comprehensive and cost-effective z/OS solutions to our customers. With the increased volumes of data in today's business, we see that the new IBM zEnterprise EC12 can manage data with increased efficiency and security for GFS and our customers.”

Pedro Figueiroa, Executive Director, CEO


I/S Management Strategies, Ltd.I/S Management Strategies, Ltd.
With the announcement of IBM's new zEnterprise EC12, the LPAR Capacity and Software Usage Analysis (LCS) Software has been updated to assist clients in analyzing the new zEnterprise effect on your IBM software charges. Understanding the software charges is one component of the TCO and each new Enterprise System generation leads to lower cost of ownership.

Al Sherkow, President

Infosys FinacleInfosys
Over the past years we have seen an ever increasing demand by banks for non-stop transformation with complex data queries. Our product Finacle helps banks run efficiently and securely on the System z platform. With the announcement of the IBM zEnterprise EC12 we will be able to provide our clients additional security and increased performance with an efficient infrastructure.

Sanat Rao, Vice President & Global Head, Client Services – Finacle, Infosys Limited

Innovation Data ProcessingInnovation Data Processing
There is no question, INNOVATION customers will find the new zEnterprise EC12 with its Flash Memory feature and private 10 Gbit data network connecting zBX resident Windows, Linux and AIX servers is the perfect Cloud hosting platform to tame Big Data and INNOVATION is ready with data protection and business continuance solutions that are the perfect complement. INNOVATION Data Processing works closely with IBM to ensure our business resiliency solutions are built to handle the larger numbers of larger volumes, containing the larger numbers of larger files, that are a new zEnterprise customers’ Big Data; more efficiently, in less time using fewer resources.

Thomas J Meehan, Vice President

Information BuildersInformation Builders
“We are proud to be IBM’s business analytics and integration partner. As IBM continues to innovate, advance, and transform the zEC12 into a powerhouse for analytics and data warehousing, Information Builders’ software and joint customers are able to realize the power and impact of real-time information that transforms decision making.”

Gerry Cohen, CEO


As the banking industry in China continues to develop dramatically, the data volumes associated with the banking system and customer business keep on increasing and expanding. As a result, banks would like to rebuild their information systems to handle the demands of increasing business volume. System Z can provide a stable environment for hardware and the entire system, high data processing capacity, high data security, environmentally friendly operation and high maintainability. From these perspectives, System Z is the first choice for many banks in China.

Mr. Zhang Jinhong, CEO


"PKWARE, Inc. has 25 years of experience protecting data on all platforms, especially data on z/OS and Linux on System z. PKWARE is very excited to be on the latest zEnterprise platform, which really strengthens the value proposition for IBM System z, Operational Analytics, Trusted Resilience and Efficiency at Scale. The enhanced CryptoExpress4S will allow zEnterprise customers to protect data even more efficiently using SecureZIP for z/OS."

Joe Sturonas, Chief Technology Officer


QMSIQMSI - Quintessential Mailing Software Incorporated
QMSI has always been - and will remain - a Mainframe software company. We choose to take advantage of IBM's latest technology by drawing on our years of Systems Architecture experience when developing Postal Applications for large volume mailers across the US.

Placing our proprietary data in Data Spaces and running on a zIIP lets the System manage "the access" and improve "the speed" creating a great performance boost for our products!

Coding exclusively in High-Level Assembler gives us an efficiency advantage over other languages.

Combining the speed and versatility of the new IBM zEnterprise EC12 with coding and feature advantages available to us only on System z, we know our products will continue to process at the highest performance levels possible.

Timothy K Gregerson, Marketing VP


Rocket;Rocket Software
Mainframes power both leading and emerging businesses, from financial institutions, telecommunications, airlines, and energy to public sector, universities, local and federal governments. The addition of IBM zEnterprise EC12 technology to the market ensures that these enterprises and organizations will continue to keep their competitive advantage with this vital and expanding part of today’s information technology landscape. As a 20+ year partner of IBM, Rocket Software is pleased to offer products and solutions that leverage this groundbreaking technology.

Andy Youniss, President and Chief Executive Officer


With the newly launched zEnterprise EC12, IBM continues to deliver key innovative technologies. Using this new hardware generation, SAP customers will benefit from faster processing cores which increase transactional response times and enable shorter batch windows. Extreme scalability comes along with optimized support for huge DB2 for z/OS workloads and superior security through high-speed cryptography. Our clients, for example in the banking industry, have high demands on business continuity, robustness, security, stability, and excellent performance. The zEnterprise EC12 will help them fulfill their business requirements even better, with higher throughput, better response times, and more efficient operations.

Dr. Bernd Kohler, Development Manager,
SAP on IBM System z & DB2 for z/OS, SAP AG

"Business Analytic workloads have become one of the most mission-critical workloads for a corporation’s success and key to gaining competitive advantage and ensuring revenue growth. SAS customers have been running on the mainframe for over 30 years and have relied on the enterprise-class features of IBM’s mainframes which boast the highest price performance, availability, data security, and resiliency in the industry. We are excited with the introduction of IBM’s newest zEC12 which extends this tradition of enterprise-class features, giving our joint customers the most options in deploying our SAS solutions. "

Craig Rubendall, Senior Director, SAS Research & Development

Software agSoftware AG
Software AG is very excited to announce 2GB large page support with Adabas v8.2.5 on the new IBM zEnterprise EC12 running z/OS 1.13 for performance improvements. In addition, Software AG has verified that its z/OS dependent products work on the new zEC12 running z/OS 1.13.

Software AG has also delivered additional IBM System z support by enabling zHPF usage with Adabas, demonstrating significant performance improvements in a test environment. The testing was done on a z/OS 1.13 running on a IBM z196 with Adabas v8.2.5 using an IBM DS8000.

Bruce Beaman Senior Director, ETS Product Marketing


Temenos. The Banking Software CompanyTemenos
“IBM’s System z continues to lead for clients like ours who need the highest levels of resilience and scale. With the zEnterprise EC12, IBM has taken another significant advance forward. With IBM’s platforms and Temenos’ application software, controlled and progressive renovation of legacy platforms for the largest banks is an increasingly compelling proposition.”

Mark Gunning Business Solutions Director

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