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Review testimonials from z Systems ISVs to find out why they are excited by the new IBM zEnterprise BC12 (zBC12). Find out how the zBC12 features and enhancements help support their application requirements as well as their customers' business needs!


ALEBRA Alebra 
Alebra's Parallel Data Mover (PDM) product when combined with the zEDC compression feature on zEnterprise BC12 platforms will deliver superior performance for our customers. Benefits for clients include reduced CPU overhead and increased performance as well as improved network transmission performance. We expect that the combination of PDM with zBC12 platforms and z/OS have the potential to double throughput for customers Alebra intends to use zEDC compression in lieu of current software-based compression to provide these excellent qualities of service.

Bill Yeager, CTO

ASG Software Solution ASG
ASG is happy to continue its long-standing support of the System z Platform and welcomes the new innovative features of the IBM zBC12 hardware and new version of z/OS 2.1 which provides an increasingly compelling value proposition to our customers. With the significant boost in performance, ASG is excited to continue enhancing the performance of our Infrastructure and Operational solutions resulting in better service delivery.

Gary Henderson, Director of Product Management

ASE ASE (Australian Systems Engineering) Pty. Ltd 
The zBC12 is a very slick machine indeed, and ASE, supplying enterprise systems software for IBM mainframes for 30 plus years, especially embraces the new Enterprise Data Compression (zEDC) hardware feature! By exploiting zEDC ASE is taking SLIKZIP and SLIKSFTP performance to a whole new level, greatly reducing CPU and elapsed time requirements. Users of our OMCS output management system, which stores very large amounts of compressed report data, will also benefit from zEDC availability. ASE will ship zEDC-supporting releases of all three products in 3Q13. Thank you IBM for a very welcome new feature in a great new machine.

Graeme Gibson, Director – enterprise systems software

Atos Worldline Atos
The IBM zEnterprise BC12 is another step in the right direction towards greater value offering to the industry and clients, especially in the Financial and Banking sector where Atos Worldline has a strong foothold. The successful implementation of Parallel Sysplex and CICSPlex on Atos Worldline’s core solution “Cardlink” for a China bank, which supports a card base in excess of 40 million, underscores Atos Worldline's steadfast commitment and investments in the mainframe.

Atos Worldline has a strategic, long-term partnership with IBM to harness the power of mainframes at enterprise levels. This enables Atos Worldline to deliver result-oriented solutions and services that facilitate profitable growth for our customers at new levels of scalability, performance and availability.

Tee Kee Ming, Chief Executive Officer, Atos Worldline Asia Pacific


brinqa Brinqa
Enterprises of all sizes need to take a fresh look at how the zBC12 and Brinqa can provide a state of the art Risk Analytics platform leveraging Big Data to make better informed decisions. This combination allows a near real-time view of risk end to end to help improve regulatory, compliance, and privacy efforts, vulnerability management, as well as combat physical and cyber security threats.

Amad Fida, CEO


CA Tecnologies CA Technologies 
At CA Technologies we see zEnterprise as being the cornerstone for a multitude of IT scenarios to drive business growth for our clients. The new z/OS and z/VM operating systems, enhanced by CA solutions, provide a foundation to enable unique business innovation based on a highly scalable platform with unparalleled economics.

Mike Madden, General Manager, Mainframe

CA Tecnologies Compuware
The addition of the IBM zBC12 and z/OS 2.1 to the zEnterprise System will undoubtedly help small and medium-sized enterprises build and test new applications to increase service and drive business growth. The zBC12 works seamlessly with all of Compuware’s Mainframe Solutions, including File-AID, Abend-AID, Xpediter, Hiperstation and Strobe. In addition, the Compuware APM for Mainframe solution is a perfect fit for the zBC12 with its true 24/7 end-to-end transaction visibility. Customers can discover and diagnose elusive multi-tier workload problems to reduce costs and accelerate mean time to resolution. It’s a win-win for our customers.

Kris Manery, Senior Vice President and General Manager Mainframe Solutions

IBM zBC12 and the latest z/OS, z/VM and z/VSE operating environments demonstrates IBM’s ongoing commitment to extending the capabilities of the modern mainframe platform to an increasingly broader set of enterprises looking to drive greater IT efficiency, industry leading security, and an extremely flexible IT service delivery model. CSI International and IBM will continue to work together to deliver innovative industry solutions that deliver unmatched business value for clients around the world.

John Rankin, Founder and Chairman


GT Software and IBM continue to expand their commitment to deliver greater client value. We are excited to partner with IBM to leverage System z as a strategic modern platform to drive greater IT efficiencies, industry leading security, while exploiting a flexible service delivery model.

With the introduction of zBC12, IBM provides a strategic environment for the use of GT Software's Ivory Service Architect that can be leveraged by broader set of organizations. This will further enable organizations to select the most cost effective solution for their modernization strategy. The optimized performance of multi-tier workloads target mainframe applications and data integration to provide a cost effective platform when paired with GT Software's distributed solutions.

Leveraging zEnterprise BC12 pared with GT Software and Ivory Service Architect can provide an agile private cloud development solution offering improved service delivery, quality of design, stability, and higher returns on investment

Wilson Rains, Vice President of Global Alliances


Finacle from Infosys. YOUR INNOVATION PARTNER. Finacle – Infosys 
Over the past years we have seen an ever increasing demand by banks for non-stop transformation with complex data queries. Our product Finacle helps banks run efficiently and securely on the System z platform. With the announcement of the IBM zEnterprise BC12 and new z/OS security enhancements we will be able to provide our clients additional security and increased performance with an efficient infrastructure.

Deepak Hoshing, Head of Architecture


Information Builders Information Builders 
IBM’s continued innovation with the System zEnterprise promises customers and prospects with a resilient, efficient, amazing hardware platform for ever increasing big data to be transformed into actionable intelligence through applications like Information Builders’ WebFOCUS.

Gerry Cohen, CEO

Innovation Data Processing INNOVATION Data Processing 
There is no question, INNOVATION customers will find the new IBM zBC12 extends the attractiveness of a zEnterprise private, high speed 10 Gbit data network connecting zBX resident Windows, Linux and AIX servers for Cloud hosting, to many more sites. INNOVATION is ready to support zBC12 customers with data protection and business continuance solutions that are the perfect complement to the zBX.

INNOVATION Data Processing working closely with IBM ensures to ensure our business resiliency solutions are built to handle the larger numbers of larger volumes, containing the larger numbers of larger files, that are a zEnterprise customers’ Big Data; more efficiently, in less time using fewer resources.

Thomas J. Meehan, Vice-President

intercope Intercope
We find the IBM zEnterprise platform now growing into a broader space where our clients can support their mission critical messaging applications like Intercope’s Swift Messaging product. With System z you get the best of both worlds by extending the System zEnterprise infrastructure and quality of service to new modern applications like enterprise mobility, cloud and virtualization resulting in lower IT costs.

Reinhart Laumer, CEO

I/S Management Strategies, Ltd. I/S Management Strategies Ltd. 
With the announcement of the zBC12 and IBM z/OS V2.1 the LPAR Capacity and Software Usage Analysis (LCS) Software has been updated to assist clients in analyzing effects on IBM software charges. z/OS V2.1 brings significant value in availability, data management and security above and beyond z/OS 1.13. Customers can understand the value of their software investments using LCS Software. Many of the evolutionary steps in the zEnterprise System hardware and software help customers maximize their investment by optimizing their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Al Sherkow, President


MATERNA.information&communications MATERNA
The combination of IBM's proven Hybrid Mainframe and MATERNA solutions provide an ideal environment for heterogeneous cloud computing allowing our clients to make use of optimized cloud, social and mobile services for business growth!

Andreas Eull, Business Development Executive


phoenix software Phoenix Software International 
Clearly, right now IBM has the technological 'wind' at its back.

Ed Jaffe, CTO

PKWARE is excited to leverage the latest innovation in the IBM zEnterprise System: hardware accelerated data compression using the zEDC. Customers with the latest zEnterprise System mainframes can reduce operating costs and achieve significant performance improvements with PKZIP and SecureZIP for z/OS.

Joe Sturonas, Chief Technology Officer


Red Hat 
IBM zEnterprise includes strong security, scalability features and support for open source platform technologies - including Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Together, the IBM zBC12 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux provide an excellent opportunity for more and more organizations to acquire and exploit the unique and differentiated hybrid cloud capabilities of the modern mainframe platform to better compete in today's dynamic business environment.

Jim Totton, Vice President and General Manager

Rocket Software 
Mainframes play a vital role in organizations and companies of all sizes, and we are proud to partner with IBM in helping to deliver great solutions that increase productivity, efficiency and profitability. The launch of zBC12 is important because it allows users to further enhance the value of their existing technology investments while deploying solutions to meet current and future needs while offering unprecedented data security.

Andy Youniss, CEO

rsd RSD
By extending the zEnterprise legendary security, data management and new innovations to the zBC12, IBM technology allows RSD to extend our reach to organizations of all sizes. This means that RSD’s EOS (Enterprise Output Solution) and RSD GLASS® continue to evolve and along with IBM, together we remain focused on providing innovative information governance (IG) solutions that provide unmatched business value to our clients around the world.

Ed Hallock, Director of Product Marketing


serena Serena
Serena works in close collaboration with our Fortune 1000 customers, and while we have seen the shift to hybrid applications that span multiple platforms, our most forward-looking and innovative customers are as reliant as ever on System z because its scalability, performance and transactional capabilities remain unparalleled. Additionally, the System z capabilities enable a robust back-end to today's distributed, mobile and cloud-based applications. The mainframe is no longer an island, quite to the contrary, it occupies a prominent role in today's hybrid computing landscape as seen with the announce of the new zBC12.

Al Slovacek, Senior Director Mainframe Products

Software ag Software AG
Software AG is excited about the new zBC12 hardware and software technology because we can exploit this to provide greater customer value. We are highly supportive of the new IBM BC12 systems and also the technology enhancements particularly in the area of TCP/IP dealing with large data and the new compression co-processor, given that data volumes continue to grow for System z customers. The results of a recent Adabas performance benchmark that was completed on an IBM System zEC12 which processed more than 1 million commands per seconds along with the exploitation of IBM 2GB large page support and IBM Flash Express. Also witnessed was marked improvement with I/O performance by using Adabas exploiting zHPF technology within z/OS and the storage subsystem. Further details can be shown at We believe you would see similar results with the newly announced BC12.

Bruce Beaman, Sr Director Product Marketing

The things that excite us most in the latest release of System z is the CPU enhancements they’ve made, becoming the best-of-breed environment for running CPU-intensive applications, the advancements they’ve made around accessing bigger data with the zHPF and the EAV features and also, the introduction of the zBX.

Craig Rubendall, Sr Director, R&D

Sopra banking software Sopra Banking Software 
The IBM zBC12 demonstrates IBM’s ongoing commitment to extending the capabilities of the modern mainframe platform to an increasingly broader set of enterprises looking to drive greater IT efficiency, industry leading security, and a extremely flexible IT service delivery model. Sopra Banking Software and IBM will continue to work together to deliver innovative solutions that deliver unmatched business value for clients around the world.

Philippe Bourgeois, Head of Software Strategy & Design

SUSE. We adapt .You succeed. SUSE 
"As the original provider of Linux for IBM System z, SUSE sees the mainframe as both an integral part of our legacy and of our future,” said Michael Miller, Vice President of Marketing and Alliances, SUSE. “We've long supported IBM's zEnterprise System, providing zBX subscription entitlements for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server to help make hybrid computing possible. We are excited that this new IBM System z offering will help us jointly take the power, security and efficiencies of IBM's zEnterprise and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server to a whole new enterprise audience."

Michael Miller, Vice President of Marketing and Alliances

"IBM's compression technology promises to conserve resources and increase throughput, saving time and reducing CPU and application costs on z/OS, said Harvey Tessler, founder, Syncsort."
We will continue to work closely with IBM to exploit this new compression hardware and integrate it with our sorting technology and algorithms to maximize the benefits to our mutual customers."

Harvey Tessler, Founder of Synscort


UNICOM Systems Unicom Global 
IBM’s venerable mainframe will turn 50 in 2014. The IBM mainframe continues to define new computing trends, such as Cloud computing, Big Data, Mobile computing. All of these new trends combined with the power of the new zBC12 demonstrate a continued IBM commitment to the modern mainframe platform, and to mainframe software offering such as: z/OS, and CICS TS. Unicom Global and IBM will continue to work together to deliver Innovative Enterprise class solutions and services for our clients around the world.

The new IBM zBC12 is the perfect partner for Columbus Document Warehouse application! This is especially true for clients who are considering the mainframe for the first time, due to increases in data warehouses.

Larry Lawler, CTO

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