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Review testimonials from IBM z Systems ISVs to find out why they are excited by the new IBM z13s (z13s). Find out how the z13s features and enhancements help support their application requirements as well as their customers' business needs!


Allen Systems Group
ASG welcomes the new features of the IBM z13s hardware. ASG and IBM will continue to work together to deliver unmatched business value for our clients’ modern mainframe performance, workload and application management needs.

Steve Leverett, Vice President, Systems Line of Business, ASG Software Solutions


BMCBMC Software
The global move to digital enterprise management is driving an increased interest in the mainframe. BMC has partnered with IBM to ensure that the newest IBM z13s offering helps our joint mid-market customers to leverage this very reliable platform. BMC’s solutions, such as MainView, DB2 NGT utilities, and MLC Cost Management solutions, are helping mid-range mainframe customers transform their businesses and help them achieve the highest availability with the most cost-effective transaction management experience possible.

Bill Miller, President, ZSolutions Optimization, BMC Software


CA TechnologiesCA Technologies
The IBM z13s brings advanced capabilities introduced with the z13 to a broader customer set, enabling our clients to unlock the value in their core business applications at an improved ROI. As the number one independent z Systems software vendor, we will continue to partner with IBM to provide products that further improve the value of our customers’ investment in z Systems. Unleashing the power of these new technologies is top of mind for our customers as they deal with the increasing complexity of the application economy. CA Technologies is committed to continuing our tradition of providing Day 1 support for new IBM hardware and software releases.

Ashok Reddy, General Manager, Mainframe, CA Technologies

ColeSoftColesoft Marketing Inc.
With IBM z13s, IBM continues to show their commitment to increasing the scope of modern mainframe platform capabilities with ever greater IT efficiency and security. ColeSoft Marketing, Inc. is proud to work together with IBM to improve and innovate in this essential IT arena, and provide the highest value to clients around the world.

Calin Cole, Vice-President

Compuware. The Tecnology Performance CompanyCompuware
Elegantly simple in design and usability, the Compuware Topaz Suite provides modern tools for next-gen mainframe professionals, making it the perfect partner for the new IBM z13s.

Sam Knutson, Director, Product Management

Congratulations to IBM on the 50th birthday of the mainframe. The most recent mainframe installment, the IBM z13s, solidifies IBM’s status as provider of the most strategic IT asset in a data center, regardless of platform. The z Systems platform plays host to our Government’s (and industry’s) most valuable Intellectual Property and CorreLog will continue to invest in IBM to maintain our certified-integration status in the years to come.

George Faucher, President & CEO CorreLog, Inc.


Innovation Data ProcessingInnovation Data Processing
INNOVATION Data Processing has been working closely with IBM to ensure our suite of data protection, business continuance and business resiliency solutions will be there, with first day support, as perfect complements for customers acquiring a new IBM “zNext MR”, said Thomas J Meehan, INNOVATION, Vice President, Advance Technology.

We expect mid-size and even Enterprise Customers with Business Class z Systems, who are planning to have the new “zNext MR” host their Private and Public Cloud Applications, will find that the new features of the “zNext MR” will make it the perfect platform for them as they expand the scope of their Cloud Applications on z Systems. I believe the “zNext MR” will have more of just about everything they'll need, more memory (up to 4TB), more IO capacity (up to 256 channels), faster zHPF enabled FICON Express 16S channels, highly efficient zEDC hardware data compression, Simultaneous Multithreading (SMT) enabled IFLs and zIIPs, as well as support for up to 40 LPARs.

Thomas J. Meehan, Vice President

I/S Management Strategies Ltd.I/S Management Strategies Ltd.
With the announcement of the IBM z13s the LPAR Capacity and Software Usage Analysis (LCS) Software has been updated to assist clients in analyzing effects of this new hardware on IBM software charges. Customers can understand the value of their software investments using LCS Software. Many of the evolutionary steps in the z Systems hardware and software help customers maximize their investment by optimizing their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Al Sherkow, President


AppBuilder by Magic Software Enterprise
The new IBM z13s system platform will reside at the core of many of our Clients business applications. AppBuilder is the product which provides those Enterprise Customers with the ability to deploy scalable business applications across multiple IBM platforms, languages and interfaces from a single source, futureproofing the availability of these business applications inline with IBM’s z13s and continued advances in technology.

From installations of 1 to 1 billion users the AppBuilder product set is capable of delivering consistent business applications in a scalable, cost effective, controlled and secure IBM z13s development and production framework unparalleled by any other. We look forward to working with IBM and our clients to a faster and secure future.

Steve Garry, Executive Account Director

Micro Focus
Micro Focus delivers a full suite of application analysis, development and testing solutions for the IBM Mainframe. Designed for the new digital age, the IBM z13s Mainframe enables organizations to leverage this opportunity through industry leading scalability, processing throughput and deployment flexibility. Micro Focus, as a long standing IBM z Systems partner, is very pleased to support this next generation of IBM mainframe technology.

Ed Airey, Product Marketing Director

MVS Solutions Inc.
ThruPut Manager automation on the new IBM z13s provides an unrivalled opportunity for customers to grow their workloads and continue to reduce software costs without sacrificing performance or service to users.

Murray Martin, VP, Sales and Marketing


Nastel AutoPilot provides rich support for monitoring application performance on the IBM mainframe. AutoPilot automatically discovers, monitors and analyzes the performance of z/OS applications utilizing: Linux on z Systems, z Systems, IBM MQ, (interactive and batch), CICS Transaction Server, IMS and DB2. Nastel AutoPilot monitoring for z provides: transaction visibility, a measurement of actual performance against expected and detection of SLA violations. For more information visit:

Charles Rich , Vice President


PerfTechPro zAnalytics ® on z/OS helps our joint customers combine the scale and performance of z/OS with the ability to plan growth effectively and easily. PerfTechPro zAnalytics offers exceptional, cost effective Capacity Planning and Performance Measurement software that helps customers easily plan for capacity growth, allowing them to take full advantage of the new enhancements which the IBM z13s provides.

Bill Hart, Vice President

Phoenix Software International
We can't wait to start leveraging SIMD and other “game changing” features, available on the IBM z13s, in our software products. We know that doing so will be good for our software, good for our customers, and good for the z Systems ecosystem as a whole.

Ed Jaffe, CTO, Phoenix Software International

PKWARE, Inc. remains committed to supporting the advanced technologies of IBM z Systems. We are excited to continue offering the SecureZIP data-centric security solution using the latest hardware facilities for high speed compression and encryption under z/OS, Linux on z Systems, and AIX. The PKWARE solution provides customers a choice of best options for protecting data exchanged across all platforms from mobile to mainframe - including a rich set of options for data translation, compression, file encapsulation, and security.

Michael Stebner, Director, Large Systems Engineering


QMSI principals have spent decades using IBM mainframes - since the 360! We are proud to support, teach and encourage each new generation in the use of "our" platform - showing them the benefits of the mainframe, especially the new features of the IBM z13s. While everyone seems to be racing to the cloud, there are some tasks that take better advantage of the hardware right here on earth. Processing on a zIIP and using Data Spaces - with or without SSD - makes daily production and online CICS or IMS processing blazing fast! Continued enhancing of performance and z13s throughput makes QMSI ... and our customers ... winners! Another major milestone in advanced hardware tech, which contributes greatly to lower TCO and faster ROI: Go z13s!

Tim Gregerson, Vice President


Rocket;Rocket Software
Mainframes have never been a one-size-fits-all platform, and IBM has consistently led the way in creating options that make sense to organizations of all sizes. IBM z13s is the perfect solution because of its high memory capacity, meaning that new types of applications and approaches –like cognitive computing –can be implemented quickly and efficiently.

Bryan F. Smith, VP of R&D and Chief Technology Officer

As a software vendor supporting z Systems from many years, RSD is delighted with the announcement of this new IBM z13s machine that shows the continuity of this platform. EOS Enterprise coupled with this new machine will provide better performance to our customers for the treatment of their critical information.

Serge Quiniou, Director, Product Management


We are pleased to see the IBM z13s architectural enhancements being extended into the business class machines -- especially vector instructions and the increases in real memory that are so important to business analytics. SAS remains dedicated to partnering with IBM to deliver SAS analytics on the mainframe platforms.

Cheryl Doninger, SAS Sr. Director, Platform Research and Development

Software agSoftware AG
IBM z13s demonstrates IBM’s ongoing commitment to extending the capabilities of the modern mainframe platform to an increasingly broader set of enterprises looking to drive greater IT efficiency, industry leading security, and an extremely flexible IT service delivery model. Software AG and IBM will continue to work together to deliver innovative solutions that deliver unmatched business value for our mutual customers around the world.

Bruce Beaman, Senior Director, Adabas and Natural Product Marketing

Software Diversified Services
At Software Diversified Services we believe that combining the strengths of SDS VitalSigns with the capabilities of the new IBM z13s is an ideal solution to meet the needs of our mainframe clients now and into the future.

Jim Lampi, Vice President

IBM continues to raise the bar with capacity and throughput improvements for large workloads, and by enabling analytics processing on Linux on z and z/OS ̶ extending the already impressive capabilities of the IBM z13 to handle large volumes of computational intensive transactions. We will continue to partner with IBM to deliver technologies that build on these strengths to support powerful, cost-effective mainframe processing for business-critical applications and the mainframe’s growing role as a hub for Big Data strategies.

Harvey Tessler, Founder, Syncsort


Unicom Systems
UNICOM Global has a very strong partnership with IBM mainframe that spans more that 40 years IBM's z Systems continue to underpin our mainframe solutions as we help our customers to optimize business performance, maintain high application availability and streamline the development lifecycle. With significant advances in flexibility, performance and scale in a cost-reduced package, the new IBM z13s provides a great option for customers seeking to drive growth and increase business value.

Larry Lawler, Chief Technology Officer

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