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Dramatic changes across the insurance industry require new approaches to address the pressures of maturing markets, tight capital, and increasing risk while maximizing profitability. With its hybrid computing capability, IBM zEnterprise can host multiple, diverse application environments to support these key insurance imperatives:

Build a future-ready environment

Drive down costs while improving operational efficiency

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IBM zEnterprise insurance solutions

IBM Smarter Analytics: Anti-Fraud, Waste and Abuse Solution for Insurance

IBM Smarter Analytics: Anti-Fraud, Waste and Abuse Solution for Insurance

An adaptive, predictive prepayment fraud detection solution, integrated with your claims systems, that learns from the latest data and includes identity validation to optimize operational efficiencies and reduce recovery expenses for fraudulent claims.

IBM Genelco Insurance Administration Solution

IBM Genelco Insurance Administration Solution

An agile, customer-centric and rules-based core Life, Health and Annuity solution that accelerates product creation while taking advantage of consolidation and virtualization to deliver a more manageable enterprise-wide insurance solution.

Leveraging IBM zEnterprise for IBM Smarter Analytics in detecting and preventing fraud, waste and abuse (Point of view)

IBM zEnterprise Insurance Integration Hub Solution

IBM zEnterprise Insurance Integration Hub Solution

An insurance reference architecture, based on modern technology, that helps you improve customer satisfaction, bring products to market faster, and reduce costs by optimally placing mixed application workloads within an integrated hybrid system.



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IBM provides world-class IBM mainframe technology to help today's enterprises respond quickly to evolving business conditions and with extreme flexibility. From automation to advanced virtualization technologies and open industry standards, IBM mainframes help deliver competitive advantages for enterprises contributing and succeeding on a smarter planet.

Operating Systems

IBM System z supports multiple operation systems:


IBM's technology, solutions and industry expertise can help you find the competitive edge with a sharper understanding of your customers. Our System z solutions combine the foundation of IBM hardware, software and middleware with flexible financing and packaging options to help your business meet and overcome the challenges of doing business in the on demand world. IBM can help you develop a customer-centric view—and assist you in delivering the right solution and the right products.

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