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Why the mainframe for mobile apps?


Is your enterprise IT infrastructure ready to drive your mobile success?

Enterprises are challenged with integrating new mobile services with existing organizational processes, without sacrificing the client’s experience.

IBM z Systems provides you with enterprise mobility solutions which can scale to handle unpredictable transaction rates and volumes, deliver proven mobile integration with reliability, availability, and security — and ensure that your customer data is protected.

Today there are over 10 billion mobile devices accessing information.


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What kind of mobile experience are you providing? Mobile apps on IBM z will keep customers coming back with sub-second response time, 100% uptime and flawless transactions.

Mobile Solution Kit for IBM z Systems (PDF, 505KB) 

Discover everything you need to build cost-effective, scalable, and secure mobile applications on z13.

IBM MobileFirst Platform

Build, enhance and continuously deliver mobile apps efficiently and effectively.

Designed for the highest level of data security commercially available, IBM z Systems provide the computing infrastructure for the new app economy.

Discover secure cloud-based mobile device management, mobile application management, mobile content management, and enterprise app container capabilities.

WebSphere Liberty z/OS Connect (PDF, 493KB) 

Enable a secure and simple way to discover and reach applications and data on z/OS from mobile, web and cloud applications to better participate in today’s mobile world.

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Securing your Mobile Mainframe

Engage consumers with powerful mobile app experiences. Design intuitive experiences that work, interact with your customers in a highly personalized way and use location to your advantage.

IBM MobileFirst Presence Insights

Adapt your marketing strategy with intelligent location awareness to fuel engagement strategies and optimize the user experience.

IBM Enterprise Analytics

Gain faster customer insights, business insights and systems insights with decisions based on real-time analysis of current data to deliver a personalized mobile experience.

What’s new:

Mobile is the future of business – and with scalability, security and insights, you can gain competitive advantage. Running mobile apps on the same platform as your systems of record can cost 40% less than exporting it onto distributed servers

Let subject matter experts help you take advantage of mobile solutions on the mainframe and accelerate the adoption of mobile applications.

IBM Mobile Enterprise Strategy Services

Discover how to realize the full potential of mobile by creating a successful mobile strategy aligned to your current or planned IT capabilities.

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Are you ready for billions
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First National Bank

Provides upward mobility for Africa

Pund-IT perspectives

z13 powers next gen mobile

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Extends services to mobile securely

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"For Halkbank, everything comes back to the reliability, stability and security of IBM..."

— Ayhan Yalkut, System z Manager, Halkbank

"Our 90-day development cycles require enormous flexibility..."

— Jay Prag, CIO, First National Bank