New release - Application Delivery Intelligence V1.0.2

The smarter way to analyze your data

Work smarter, not harder. Reduce the anxiety of data analysis with IBM. Application Delivery Intelligence V1.0.2 collects, correlates and analyzes data to optimize application delivery so you don’t have to wonder how your applications will handle transformation to the cloud. By discovering transaction response time, CPU time, and usage frequency data from OMEGAMON for CICS and code coverage data from COBOL, PL/I, and Java environments, you can foresee and reduce the risk of production failures. Easily gather project-level application inventory, complexity, and quality metrics from Application Discovery V5.0.1 to manage improvements in application quality and maintainability for the long haul.

Anticipate and minimize risk

  • Easily detect performance and resource issues throughout the development lifecycle by accessing previously hidden Ops data
  • Ensure there are no regression with unit, function tests
  • Access a view of the business - critical applications based on the usage frequency and adjust the regression testing focus to anticipate and minimize the risk of breaks in production
  • Specify provision/set up/adjust test environments with production like settings to detect problems early.

Improve project health

  • Immediately identify business critical programs and drill down to understand code coverage, performance, complexity, and maintainability
  • Access a view of overall project health and drive work to reduce technical debt and complexity, and to improve maintainability
  • Understand all of the project metrics and trends (number of lines, dead code etc.) to drive work items to reduce complexity
  • View the health of projects being developed and decide which vendor to stick with or which in-house project to focus on to ensure proper quality code

Application Modernization Workshop

Assist your organization in its digital transformation through DevOps. Identify gaps in business capabilities and provide actionable recommendations with ease.

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