Cognitive DevOps solution for application modernization.

With the powerful and innovative combined technology of Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence (ADDI), developers can easily scan application interdependencies and build change management strategies to best implement their digital transformation processes, API economy, hybrid cloud migration (via APIs), and correlate it with runtime operational performance data to achieve cognitive DevOps. Testers can quickly identify redundant test cases and expose areas of the code that are not yet tested, which are most or least executed, and those that have the lowest performance.

ADDI delivers deep application analytics in a visual manner allowing you to easily draw valuable insights so you can transform applications at a lower total cost, in less time and with higher quality.

  • Analyze and understand enterprise application logic and the impact of code changes.
  • Speed the development time and quality when modernizing applications.
  • Drive digital transformation with greater efficiency and less risk.

  Features and benefits

The automated discovery, source code analysis and visual representation of those results deliver:

  • Inventory of online and batch applications
  • Vast coverage of databases
  • Batch control flow visualization
  • Data flow and where-used analysis
  • Program control flow analysis
  • Source code complexity analysis
  • Impact analysis
  • Test optimization
  • Detect performance issues earlier in the cycle
  • Correlate runtime data and test coverage

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