Is your enterprise agile enough to respond to digital disruption?

In today’s era of digital disruption, enterprise organizations need to increase the pace of innovation while ensuring the stability of core business systems. However, software delivery pressures, tools that don’t integrate and a shortage of qualified staff can jeopardize the customer experience.

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Quick and reliable innovation with IBM Z enterprise DevOps

IBM z Systems enterprise DevOps offers a continuous assessment framework for transforming software delivery through planning, development, testing and operation of software across multiple platforms. This system of lean, agile principles and solutions with automated processes is based on a collaborative model where enterprise developers, IT operations and QA teams work collaboratively for delivering quality software innovation faster, efficiently and more cost-effectively.

The TEI™ of IBM Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence

DevOps for Enterprise Systems: IBM Point of View

DevOps – the fast path to realizing new value through software transformation

Deliver emerging technologies with modern tools and processes

Discover, understand and analyze enterprise application logic to modernize apps for digital and hybrid cloud transformation. Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence

Deliver ongoing software innovation with new test optimization analytics. Application Delivery Intelligence

IBM z DevOps with ADI (YouTube, 02:00)

Deliver enhancements to business-critical applications quicker with less cost and lower risk. Application Delivery Foundation for Z

Application Delivery Foundation for z Systems ROI calculator

Create and maintain COBOL applications for z/OS environments. COBOL for z/OS, IBM Automatic Binary Optimizer

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Danske Bank - the sound of mobile banking.

Enterprises are using APIs and big data to provide secure mobile banking

Build and test end-to-end cross-platform applications continuously with high quality at low cost

Build better software and products with an all-in-one agile environment for development teams. Learn more about Rational Team Concert.

Automate application deployments with rapid feedback and continuous delivery. Get the audit trails, versioning and approvals needed in production. Learn more about IBM UrbanCode Deploy.

Stay aligned with the growing number and complexity of releases. Plan, execute and track a release through every stage. Learn more about IBM UrbanCode Release.

Create and maintain COBOL applications for z/OS environments. COBOL for z/OS. IBM Automatic Binary Optimizer

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Multi-platform Deployment Automation with IBM UrbanCode.

Applications can now be deployed across multiple platforms in minutes versus days.

Improve software quality and reduce risk by moving testing to the front of the line

Make a smarter shift – move testing to the front of the line. It’s a shift in thinking from traditional software development methods.

Perform testing in parallel to development. Collaboration helps to avoid project delays, more costly fixes down the line, shortens test cycles and minimizes project risk.

Developers respond to issues in near real time. Shifting testing to the left helps to ensure timely, quality results with faster time to customer feedback.

Featured testing products:

Featured continuous delivery products:

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Distinguished Engineer Rosalind Radcliffe:

Why it's time to modernize with modern mainframe testing.

Case study

Fiducia & GAD IT AG
Accelerating creation and extending the life and value of services


Unchain the Frame
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