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By combining IBM System z technology with WebSphere Application Server and other eligible WebSphere products, the Solution Edition for WebSphere enables the efficient delivery and management of business applications and services. The offering provides an innovative, performance-based foundation to build, reuse, run, integrate and manage Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) applications and services.

From business critical and key enterprise-wide applications to the smallest departmental level applications, System z with WebSphere offers the highest levels of reliability, availability, security and scalability. Core to these attributes is a unique focus on investment protection to enable your business to leverage investments from the past to quickly and effectively respond to future requirements.

WebSphere Application Server has three foundational attributes to enable robust and agile business applications: simplified development to increase developer productivity with a proven, standards-based platform, high performance and continuous availability to keep your business agile in a constantly changing environment, and intelligent management for flexible and effective application control and runtime efficiency.

WebSphere Application Server exploits the inherent strengths of System z to provide your business with rock-solid security. Rest assured, applications and data are secure from attack. Out-of-the-box security configurations and user registry, compliance with government standards, and stringent Web services security offer peace-of-mind. New security capabilities add deeper levels of management, user governance and auditing to decrease system vulnerabilities while maximizing developer productivity.

This offering incorporates the required underlying System z hardware and maintenance with a customized software stack to provide a foundation for business growth.

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Learn why running WebSphere on System z can deliver significant business value to your company. This new offering makes a System z solution for your WebSphere environment a great alternative for maximizing the strength of your business.

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