System z Solution Edition for Application Development

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Solution Edition for Application Development is a new offering from IBM to make mainframe development of new applications competitive, simple and accessible to application developers.

This System z Solution Edition for Application Development provides a modern and affordable developer solution to enable a mainframe image on every developer desktop lowering the barrier of entry for new workload development. The offering provides customers deploying new applications on System z with an ideal development environment to extend the use of existing applications and develop new capabilities for application and enterprise modernization. It is competitively priced with distributed and alternative mainframe development solutions.

The offering includes capacity for existing System z hardware (LPAR), memory, hardware maintenance and software (z/OS, z/VM, DB2 and WebSphere Application Server). A large selection of optional software products are also available and competitively priced.

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Application Development Solution Edition

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IBM System z supports multiple operation systems:


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