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Data serving with the IBM mainframe platform helps you reduce cost and complexity in your IT infrastructure. It also helps you simplify compliance and leverage your core asset – your data. Learn more about industry-leading innovations from IBM, including the following:

Featured offer

Inherent within these System z offerings, are the fundamental capabilities to identify and prioritize queries from critical users, while offering a highly available environment that can deliver near real-time analytics to the enterprise.

  • - New! IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator V3.1

    This leading edge appliance plugs directly in to an IBM DB2 for z/OS® database on a zEnterprise EC12, 196, or z114, to speed response time for a wide variety of intensive analytics, ultimately providing faster business insights and results. The Accelerator delivers up to 2000x improvement in complex query performance.

    Version 3.1 enhances this performance with new features to address costs and data latency. This release introduces the High Performance Storage Saver feature, that provides organizations with the ability to choose the disk location of historical data to significantly reduce host data warehouse storage used for static, non-changing data, by moving it to the Analytics Accelerator.

    Another new feature, the Incremental Update, can propagate data changes as they occur, enabling current information to be made available for right-time decisions and accelerating the reporting on operational data. This release also extends the sophistication of the System z workload manager down to the individual queries within the Accelerator, ensuring the most important work is completed first.

    Now System z is not only the fastest platform for mixed workloads, it is also the most cost effective!

  • - New! The IBM zEnterprise Analytics System 9700

    This hybrid system merges the strengths of the PureData For Analytics, massively parallel processing technology, into the DB2 for z/OS database. Now, a single database image has both an SMP and MPP architecture at its disposal. This single system can efficiently manage mixed workloads that range from transaction-oriented queries through to complex analytic queries, ensuring the best possible response time for every query, every time!

    This offering provides a highly optimized environment, both in price and performance, that is designed to meet the wide range of analytic workloads that today's businesses need to accommodate.
    The base offering is complemented by a complete set of optional packs to enable customers to custom tailor the system to their unique needs.

    These optional packs include

    At a time when organizations are demanding access to customer purchase histories, customer behaviors and real time sales trends, the zEnterprise Analytics System 9700 helps clients sift through massive amounts of data, to make insights relevant and actionable almost immediately.

  • - New! The IBM zEnterprise Analytics System 9710

    IBM® zEnterprise Analytics System 9710 provides a secure, highly available data warehouse management platform at an entry-level price. The cost-effective, robust system uses IBM data warehousing and business intelligence software to extend the operational environment with analytical processing. Built on IBM System z® z114 server, the software allows you to perform analytics with a quality of service equivalent to your online transactional processing environment.

    This offering combines the simplicity and rapid deployment characteristics of an appliance, while retaining the flexibility of a custom integration approach to take advantage of ongoing hardware and software enhancements. By centralizing information on the 9710, businesses can rest assured that the data is available, trusted, and secure. For today's business, the key to unlocking the information in your data lies in a centralized IT infrastructure that is delivered by the 9710 offering. Now you can pool data from across your organization to deliver a single view of the business that is easy to access, and secure from both internal and external intrusions. Unlock the potential of your business with timely insights drawn from your latest data, delivered to decision makers across your operational lines of business.

Analytic Tools

InfoSphere Warehouse on System z

IBM announces InfoSphere Warehouse on System z, that helps create a highly scalable, highly resilient, lower cost infrastructure to optimize a DB2 for z/OS data warehouse, data mart, or operational data store. This product delivers Data Warehousing capabilities that help you:

Cognos for System z

Now you have two options for deploying Cognos on the System z environment.

First, Cognos 10 BI for Linux on System z, which has recently been enhanced to the latest version of the product, , with the addition of new features that together deliver a robust, business intelligence environment for enterprise warehousing. This offering includes lineage and federated server capabilities that enable you to gain access to a wide range of information scattered across a number of relational databases and servers within your company.

Additionally, Cognos for z/OS is now available for the platform. This recently added option delivers the robust Cognos 8.4 BI product to the z/OS customers, providing a complete, business intelligence environment for those that wish to deploy business analytics within the secure and highly available z/OS environment.

Query Management Facility (QMF™)

IBM® DB2® Query Management Facility (QMF™) 10 for z/OS® delivers a new dimension in enterprise business intelligence and reporting.

DB2 QMF Version 10 provides new features and functions to enhance existing QMF environments, as well as extends deeper into key business areas with new analytic features and functions.

Infrastructure offerings

Master Data Management for System z

IBM Multiform Master Data Management manages master data domains (customers, accounts, products) that have a significant impact on the most important business processes and realizes the promise of SOA.

Information Server for System z

IBM Information Server for System z is a fully integrated software platform that profiles, cleanses, and transforms information from mainframe and distributed data sources to drive insight without added z/OS operational costs.

Reporting and query tools

Scalable Architecture for Financial Reporting for System z (SAFR)

Leverage IBM's highly skilled services team to design a high performance, high volume, data extraction and reporting environment for your System z environment. This quality solution is designed for the z/OS environment, and is capable of leveraging available zIIP capacity. Deliver performance improvements across your organization, without consuming your staff's valuable time. Engage the professionals at IBM to get the job done fast.

DB2 Query Management Facility 

IBM® DB2® Query Management Facility (QMF™) 10 for z/OS® delivers a new dimension in enterprise business intelligence and reporting. Now, shipped in the box with Db2 for z/OS V10!

Business Partner offerings

Information Builders: WebFOCUS

WebFOCUS is a comprehensive, business intelligence solution that delivers information to all levels of an organization. It makes data available, accessible and meaningful – when and how it is needed.
Key offerings for System z include:

SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence (eBI)

includes data integration, intelligence storage, business intelligence and analytics software with the IBM System z mainframe. In addition, the introduction of sub-capacity pricing - a pricing structure that reflects the industry movement towards server consolidation - provides SAS mainframe customers with a cost-effective way of adding new workloads and new applications to the System z platform.


DB2 for z/OS V10 

DB2 10 delivers great value by reducing CPU usage. IBM's internal testing and early beta customer results revealed that, depending on the specific workload, customers could achieve out-of-the-box DB2 CPU savings of up to 5% - 10% for traditional workloads and up to 20% for specific workloads; when compared to running the same workloads on DB2 9

DB2 Version 9.1 for z/OS

DB2 Version 9 extends traditional DB2 strengths in many areas, like online schema evolution, Unicode, XML, DB2 family SQL, utilities, security, compliance, and 64-bit virtual storage.

DB2 Enterprise 9 for Linux

DB2 data server easily scales to handle high-volume transaction processing, multi-terabyte data warehouses, and mission critical applications.

Utilities and tools

DB2 and IMS Tools

DB2 and IMS tools are specifically designed to enhance the performance of DB2 and IMS, placing affordable database power tools at your fingertips.

Downloadable Features for DB2

Visit the optimization service center for DB2 and z/OS and more.

DB2 Query Management Facility for z/OS

DB2 QMF is a tightly integrated, powerful, and reliable query and reporting toolset for the IBM DB2 relational database management system.

Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) products

(See Master Data Management and Information Server — listed above)

WebSphere DataStage for z/OS

WebSphere DataStage for z/OS takes ETL performance to a new level with powerful data integration and transformation.

WebSphere Replication Server for z/OS

WebSphere Replication Server for z/OS replicates data between DB2 for z/OS and other databases for high availability.

IBM Information Server for System z

IBM InfoSphere Information Server for System z is a fully integrated software platform that profiles, cleanses, and transforms information from mainframe & distributed data sources to drive insight without added z/OS operational costs.

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Infrastructure matters. Businesses turn to the IBM mainframe for unmatched security, operational efficiency, speed, seamless scale, and lower cost per transaction. The IBM z System, the world’s premier data and transaction engine, is enabled for mobile, integrates transactions and analytics, and delivers efficient and trusted clouds.

Operating Systems

IBM z Systems supports multiple operation systems:


IBM z Systems combine leading-edge innovation and unparalleled capabilities to power cloud, business analytics, mobile applications, and the most important workloads.

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Delivering on the Full Promise of BI

Scalable Architecture for Financial Reporting Solution(SAFR)

Optimize Query performance on your z/OS System-today!!

IBM Global Services can help optimize your existing query performance on DB2 for z/OS.


CICS provides online transaction management and connectivity for mission-critical work.


IMS is a key transaction & database management system that exploits SOA.

SAP on System z

The BI Accelerator enables fast response times for System z based SAP/BI solutions.