Business analytics
and big data

Integrating transactions and big data analytics
for better business outcomes with IBM z Systems

The IBM mainframe: The fast and secure big data analytics platform

Gain faster customer insights, business insights and systems insights with decisions based on real-time analysis of current data delivered on an analytics platform designed for availability, optimized for flexibility, and engineered with the highest levels of security.

For customer insights

Know and serve each customer as a unique individual on a massive scale

For business insights

New! Embed real-time analytics in Java applications on z/OS

New! Predictive modeling services for real-time analytics

New! Rocket support for Spark and R on z/OS will simplify z data access for data scientists

Speed throughput up to 33% overall and 75% with SIMD enabled in the IBM z13 mainframe

Rapidly deploy enterprise analytics with this end-to-end solution

Simplify the user experience and management of run time artifacts

Analyze company-wide financial performance activities

Gain extreme performance in data-intensive and complex DB2 queries

Bring the power of Hadoop to IBM z Systems' legendary qualities of service

For systems insights

Transform how you manage your resources and adjust to workload demand

Identify unusual system behavior in near real time

Accelerate problem identification, isolation and resolution

Why analytics on the IBM mainframe?

Analytics at the point of impact

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Infrastructure matters. Businesses turn to the IBM mainframe for unmatched security, operational efficiency, speed, seamless scale, and lower cost per transaction. The IBM z System, the world’s premier data and transaction engine, is enabled for mobile, integrates transactions and analytics, and delivers efficient and trusted clouds.

Operating Systems

IBM z Systems supports multiple operation systems:


IBM z Systems combine leading-edge innovation and unparalleled capabilities to power cloud, business analytics, mobile applications, and the most important workloads.

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