IBM Enterprise Cloud System

Trusted Cloud. Simply Delivered.

The IBM® Enterprise Cloud System unites leading IBM software, storage, and server technologies into one simple, flexible, and secure factory integrated solution. This provides those delivering cloud services with the ability to rapidly deploy a trusted, scalable OpenStack® based Linux® cloud environment with mainframe qualities of service.

With the ability to start small and scale up to 6,000 virtual machines in a single footprint, the Enterprise Cloud System can provide superior service for as low as half the cost of public cloud or x86 private cloud alternatives. This allows organizations deploying cloud services to cut costs through greater efficiency and improve their bottom line business results, while delivering the services their customers need for business critical applications.

IBM Enterprise Cloud System Components:

  • -Server

    zEnterprise BC12
    Named a 2013 Tech Innovator for Cloud Solutions by CRN, the 13 core zBC12 provides a trusted infrastructure foundation with flexible growth options, trusted resiliency and secure Linux cloud capabilities.

    zEnterprise EC12
    IBM’s flagship system, the 101 core zEC12 provides support for thousands of virtual Linux servers with comprehensive security and resiliency built-in for the highest levels of trust and confidence.

  • -Storage

    IBM Storwize v7000
    Software defined system storage with built-in flash that offers simplicity of management, reduced cost, scalable capacity, performance, and high availability.

    IBM DS8000 System Storage
    The IBM DS8000 offers optimized flash performance and superior resiliency for the most demanding enterprise storage environments.

  • -Virtualization & Cloud Management Software

    IBM Cloud Management Suite for System z
    Provides dynamic provisioning and cloud orchestration for business-critical workloads with added monitoring, performance and data backup.

    IBM z/VM®
    An industry leading and proven hypervisor, z/VM is the virtualization technology at the heart of the Enterprise Cloud System. z/VM provides impressive horizontal and vertical scalability, rapid server provisioning, rock solid workload isolation, and the ability to virtualize key system resources.

    IBM Wave for z/VM
    IBM Wave for z/VM provides an intuitive virtualization management platform for managing the Enterprise Cloud System’s highly virtualized environment.

    IBM Operations Manager for z/VM
    Provides operational monitoring, alerting, scheduling, and automation for z/VM and Linux on System z environments. It can help address issues before they impact your Service Level Agreements.

    IBM Backup and Restore Manager for z/VM
    Provides file level backup and recovery of z/VM systems, image level backup and recovery of Linux on System z guests, and image level backup and recovery of z/VM systems. In conjunction with IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (included in IBM Cloud Management Suite for System z), recovery from operational errors, hardware issues, and unexpected failures are all possible.

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IBM provides world-class IBM mainframe technology to help today's enterprises respond quickly to evolving business conditions and with extreme flexibility. From automation to advanced virtualization technologies and open industry standards, IBM mainframes help deliver competitive advantages for enterprises contributing and succeeding on a smarter planet.

Operating Systems

IBM System z supports multiple operation systems:


IBM's technology, solutions and industry expertise can help you find the competitive edge with a sharper understanding of your customers. Our System z solutions combine the foundation of IBM hardware, software and middleware with flexible financing and packaging options to help your business meet and overcome the challenges of doing business in the on demand world. IBM can help you develop a customer-centric view—and assist you in delivering the right solution and the right products.

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