Enterprise banking solutions

IBM mainframe banking solutions offer real time insights,
continuous availability, ultimate security and flexible delivery

Banking + zEnterprise = Integrated Business

Utilizing massive amounts of data is a problem banks face as they become more customer centric. The zEnterprise industry-leading qualities of service can help banks reduce operational risk, achieve compliance, and meet regulatory objectives while delivering unmatched security and reliability to meet today’s banking demands.

Enterprise Hybrid cloud computing with System z and SoftLayer

Hybrid Cloud computing has gone mainstream and cloud services like Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Today's banks outperforming competitors and lowering costs

The right infrastructure can reduce transactional costs and improve its operational efficiency.

Banking industry solutions

New! IBM zEnterprise Smarter Analytics for Banking

A sophisticated, predictive analytics solution that helps prevent, detect and investigate money laundering, fraud and other financial crimes to reduce risk and manage compliance.

IBM Smarter Analytics Anti-Fraud Infrastructure for zEnterprise

A customizable package of infrastructure offerings and services designed to facilitate the deployment of real-time anti-fraud solutions hosted on zEnterprise.

IBM Core Banking Solution on zEnterprise

Modernize core systems to more rapidly address business requirements in areas such as analytics, risk management, and single view of the customer.

IBM Financial Transaction Manager on zEnterprise

A payment transaction processing solution that orchestrates and monitors financial transactions across any payment infrastructure, dramatically reducing transaction costs while managing risk exposure.

SAP Bank Analyzer on zEnterprise

A risk and compliance solution that enables adoption of updated regulations and standards in timely and minimally disruptive fashion and proactive management of financial risk while keeping IT costs down.




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Visa, one of the largest electronic payments networks, enables commerce

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Citi enables individuals, communities, institutions and nations

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First National Bank provides upward mobility for Africa through mobile banking

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MoneyGram International prevents fraud with IBM Entity Analytics

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RCBC and IBM zEnterprise: Making banking mobile together

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Jack Henry and IBM zEnterprise: Enabling Growth & Secure Transactions

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A Brazilian company adopts IBM System z to handle rapid business growth

BNP Paribas. Watch the video.

Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation successfully implemented Finacle Core Banking solution from Infosys on IBM System z

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Banca Carige provides realtime analytics to support business performance, new services, and promotions.

BNP Paribas. Watch the video.

BNP Paribas is building robust and secure information management solutions on IBM System z

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IBM Entry Cloud Configuration for SAP Solutions on IBM zEnterprise

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Svenska Handelsbanken banks on System z as the most cost effective platform to support growth and innovation

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Nationwide Building Society transforms core banking with real-time banking

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Banking Industry leaders innovate with IBM

More enterprise banking white papers

Forrester Inc. analyst report: Secure the enterprise with confidence(PDF, 201KB)
Increasing security threats are risks to sensitive business information.

Banking on analytics
Financial services count on a secure platform for real-time analytics.

Overcome the challenge of financial regulatory compliance
Learn how IBM System z provides the right infrastructure needed for risk management and FATCA

Enabling Your mainframe data on mobile devices (PDF, 2MB)
Clipper Group Analyst Report on secure, timely and speedy access to critical mainframe data from mobile devices.

Modernize banking with Analytics (PDF, 1.2MB)
Banks reinvent themselves to be customer centric

Reputational risk and IT in the banking industry (PDF, 1.67MB)
Security and business continuity can shape the reputation and value of your company.

SAP Bank Analyzer (PDF, 186KB)
Technical paper documents tests IBM did with SAP’s most recent release of Bank Analyzer.


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Infrastructure matters. Businesses turn to the IBM mainframe for unmatched security, operational efficiency, speed, seamless scale, and lower cost per transaction. The IBM z System, the world’s premier data and transaction engine, is enabled for mobile, integrates transactions and analytics, and delivers efficient and trusted clouds.

Operating Systems

IBM z Systems supports multiple operation systems:


IBM z Systems combine leading-edge innovation and unparalleled capabilities to power cloud, business analytics, mobile applications, and the most important workloads.

Transform your bank’s systems with speed and efficiency

IBM Banking Virtual Briefing Center

Banking industry experts


Ken Muckenhaupt

Executive IT Specialist STG FSS CTO


Ken MuckenhauptKenneth Muckenhaupt is an Executive IT Specialist and Server and Technology Group (STG) Financial Services Sector CTO at the IBM Financial Services Sector Center of Excellence. He has over 34 years experience in IBM hardware and software development. His past assignments include microcode development on IBM’s mainframe processors, management of a mainframe microcode development department, a technology leader assignment for the introduction of object-oriented technology on OS/390, a three-year assignment in the development and test of IBM’s Component Broker on OS/390, and an eight year assignment as an e-business on-demand consultant at the IBM Design Center and Center for Solution Integration. As FSS CTO, Ken is the thought leader for the integration of IBM hardware and middleware technologies for the development of complex, multiplatform banking and financial market solutions. Currently, he directs a worldwide team of systems architects and IT specialists across IBM’s Server and Technology Group, Software Group, and service organizations. Furthermore, he provides FSS industry consultation to IBM marketing and sales teams. *


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* Postings on non-IBM sites are independent of IBM and do not necessarily represent IBM’s positions, strategies or opinions.

Saran Bommakanti

Program Manager, System z banking

Saran Bommakanti

Over the years Saran held several positions in IBM both in Technical and Management field. For the past several years, Saran has worked extensively in the Financial industry driving implementation of core banking solutions on System z platform, delivering banking solutions on z, and building a strong knowledge base in banking vendor products. *

Other ways to connect with Saran

* Postings on non-IBM sites are independent of IBM and do not necessarily represent IBM’s positions, strategies or opinions.

Build a highly affordable and scalable private cloud (PDF, 1.06MB)
Outlines key elements of success on the three step journey to setting up a highly available and highly scalable private cloud.

Clipper analyst paper: When Infrastructure Really Matters, A Focus on High-End Storage
A pragmatic analysis about the undeniable importance of mission critical infrastructure.

Consolidated security management for mainframe clouds
Hosting cloud environments on an IBM System z mainframe addresses security concerns

Discover the best choice for Linux clouds
Robert Frances Group outlines how to reduce TCO up to 50% with the IBM Enterprise Linux Server.

Edison Group: IBM zEnterprise Strategy for the Private Cloud (PDF, 473KB)
Learn about key customer considerations in implementing and supporting IaaS on the Cloud and the advantages of IBM zEnterprise.

Getting started with a cloud on System z
IBM zEnterprise gives control, reliability and quality of service.

Secure the enterprise with confidence
Increasing security threats are risks to sensitive business information.

The Bathwick Group: A Private Cloud Foundation
Learn how organizations have used System z to build private cloud environments.

The business value of IBM zEnterprise System deployments
IDC conducted in-depth interviews with customers in three geographic regions to determine the business value of each deployment, with its impact on IT and the business.

The Critical Role of Service Management in Moving to Cloud on System z
If you're thinking about moving to cloud on zEnterprise, good Service Management will be key to your success.

The Value of IBM zEnterprise for Deploying Heterogenous Private Clouds.
IBM zEnterprise employs the concept of the heterogeneous cloud to enable a fit-for-purpose strategy that delivers real value.