IBM System z Software Pricing

International Program License Agreement (IPLA)

z/VM Software Licensing Overview

z/VM and most z/VM systems management software programs are System z IPLA products whose licensing is based upon the number of Engines (also sometimes referred to as Processors). The Value Unit Exhibit for z/VM is VUE021.

z/VM is able to run on System z general purpose processors (often called Central Processor engines or CPs). z/VM is also allowed to run on Integrated Facility for Linux engines (often called IFLs) but only when running Linux or Open Solaris workloads.

Products using VUE021 are not eligible for sub-capacity licensing, but when counting the number of engines which must be licensed the two different types of engines, CPs and IFLs, are counted independently.

The IPLA licensing rules for products using VUE021 are as follows:

The reference above to product also refers to each z/VM feature, e.g. the z/VM base feature as well as each optional priced feature (such as RACF).

The "use of product" boundary is by machine, so a customer using a VUE021 product or feature on Machine A and not on Machine B does not count any of the engines on Machine B.

When referring above to “all” of the CPs or IFLs on a machine, engines which are “assigned” (activated for use) are counted, whether or not all of them are currently being used. Purchased but Unassigned engines (sometimes called “banked” engines) are physically unavailable to be used and therefore are not counted.

Licensing Examples

Example 1

Customer has a 2828-R03 with 3 CPs and 7 IFLs

The total Engines and required Value Units for each z/VM feature are:

Product CP and IFL Engines Total Engines Required VUs
Base 3 CPs + 7 IFLs 10 Engines 88 VUs
RSCS 3 CPs 3 Engines 30 VUs
Dirmaint 7 IFLs 7 Engines 65 VUs
RACF 7 IFLs 7 Engines 65 VUs

Example 2

Customer has 2 machines running the following software:

  1. 2827-709 with 9 CPs and 14 IFLs
  2. 2827-725 with 21 CPs and 11 IFLs

The total Engines and required Value Units (VUE021) for each z/VM feature are:

Product Machine A Machine B Total Engines Required VUs
Base 14 IFLs 11 IFLs 25 Engines 166 VUs
RACF 14 IFLs   14 Engines 114 VUs
Dirmaint   11 IFLs 11 Engines 95 VUs

Linux on System z Middleware

Middleware programs running on Linux itself are licensed through Passport Advantage which has different licensing rules from System z software programs. For more information see the Linux on System z Middleware Software Licensing Overview.

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