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International Program License Agreement (IPLA)

Serialization of System z IPLA Licenses

Starting on May 23, 2005 IBM began to maintain System z software inventory records for IPLA OTC software the same way as it has been maintaining customer software inventories for MLC. Prior to this time IPLA OTC software was not recorded in the IBM System z software inventory. There were no serialized licenses; only sales history records which could not be altered or removed. Customers were responsible for ensuring their license compliance with their own records.

This new inventory data will help customers check their license obligations more easily and quickly. Of course an accurate inventory is also the best way to ensure accurate invoices as well. Now all customer System z software inventory will be kept in the same place for easier access, consistently maintained by IBM. Many IBM customers have requested help complying with licensing terms under Sarbanes-Oxley regulations.

The comprehensive System z license inventory will better help you manage licensing compliance across the enterprise. You will no longer have to keep track of paper Proof Of Entitlement (POE) certificates; invoices will serve as proof of entitlement while IBM maintains the license inventory to simplify record keeping.

System z software inventory reports will now show both OTC and S&S inventory along with MLC inventory, to allow matching your records with IBM’s records. In populating the new inventory IBM will work with you to adjust records to address any errors and reflect exchanges, trade-ups, returns and other transactions. Going forward IBM will automatically enter new OTC licenses and S&S activity into the inventory.

The System z software inventory will appear in the inventory reports as being designated to a serialized machine with a machine type-model of 2059-B17. The 2059-B17 machine is called a "pseudo-machine" meaning that it does not exist in the real world, it is an artificial machine type used only to hold IPLA OTC and S&S software inventory records.

Your IBM software sales representative or Business Partner has access to your inventory and can prepare an inventory report for you.

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