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Parallel Sysplex Aggregation

Sysplex Calculator: How to Select SMF Data for Input Stream

The Sysplex Calculator is an SMF post-processor. It can post process SMF70 records from any mainframes that generate RMF-compliant SMF70 records. SMF data in the input stream need not be sorted. You may list multiple physical datasets in the SMF DD statement of the Sysplex Calculator.

The Sysplex Calculator's intent is to determine which Parallel Sysplex, if any, a mainframe belongs to based upon IBM's 50% Parallel Sysplex Aggregation criterion. To make such a determination, you must include SMF70 records from every MVS-based LPAR on a given mainframe in the input datastream. The reason that the Sysplex Calculator needs data every LPAR is because the calculator is using a field in the SMF70 record which only appears in the header section (i.e., SMF70XNM is not an indexed field). If you wish to analyze more than one mainframe at a time, simply include all the SMF data in the input datastream.

The Sysplex Calculator is designed to analyze 40 'prime shift' hours (default is 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday). If necessary, you may use the Sysplex Calculator parameters to specify a different range of days and/or a different range of hours. You may also eliminate up to 2 consecutive hours per day if you wish not to consider lunchtime utilization, in the case that your lunchtime utilization patterns are not aligned with your 'prime shift' utilization patterns.

Please be sure to structure your input data stream to include all necessary records. If you analyze less than 40 hours or fail to include SMF70 records from all LPARs on a given machine, the Sysplex Calculator may draw incorrect conclusions.

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