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Parallel Sysplex Aggregation

Sysplex Calculator: How to Run the Tool



Create a Dataset On the Host
Go to ISPF 3.2 to allocate a new 80 byte fixed dataset called HLQ.CALC.JCL

  1. Record Format = FB for Fixed Block
  2. Record Length = 80
  3. Directory Blocks = 0
  4. Block Size = 0 (system determined block size)

Upload to the Host From Your PC

  1. Download the Sysplex Calculator
  2. Begin FTP Session - command is "ftp"
  3. Change FTP mode to binary - command is "bin"
  4. Put the PLEXCALC.BIN file onto the host, overwriting the new MVS file called CALC.JCL - command is "put PLEXCALC.BIN CALC.JCL"

Back on the Host, Customize the Job

  1. customize the jobcard to fit your environment
  2. verify parameters, see comments in job (TXT, 4KB) for more details

  3. change SMF DD to point to your SMF dataset
  4. change the output dataset name to fit your environment
    NOTE: since the LRECL for this dataset is unusual, you might be better off sending the output to a new dataset
    // SPACE=(TRK,(15,15))

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