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Parallel Sysplex Aggregation

Hardware Criteria to be considered 'actively coupled':

You must have two or more eligible mainframes that are physically attached via coupling links to a common Coupling Facility. In addition, time synchronization must be provided using either timer links to a common Sysplex Timer or coupling links transporting Server Time Protocol ("STP") timing information in an STP Coordinated Timing Network ("CTN").

Note: If a Coupling Facility is divided into multiple logical partitions (LPARs), all mainframes must be attached to the same Coupling Facility LPAR.

Eligible Mainframes

Eligible Mainframes are listed in the appropriate manufacturer's page on the Mainframe Exhibits section of the z Systems Software Contracts web site with one of the following notations:

Coupling Facility list

Qualifying Coupling Facilities may be one of the following:

In the case where an LPAR is configured as a Coupling Facility, the following specific conditions apply to the mainframes where the Coupling Facility LPAR exists:

For IBM:

For Amdahl:
A machine with the following installed and operational:

For Comparex:

For Fujitsu:
A machine with the following installed and operational:

For HDS and Olivetti:

For Hitachi:

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